The Beauty Secrets We Learned From Drag Queen Alexis Stone

Flawless, long-lasting, weatherproof, photoshoot-worthy makeup is everything we aspire to – and believe it or not, it can be achieved – just ask a drag queen. We did…  Last month we were lucky enough to catch up with the incredibly talented @thealexisstone in person and ask him all the beauty-related questions we’ve been dying to ask. 

Drag makeup not only symbolises freedom and creativity, but also takes some immense skill to put into practice. If Alexis can turn 5 o’clock shadow into the most flawless skin you’ve ever seen, you can do exactly the same with those unexpected breakouts. 

Read and learn…

Strengthen pigment with setting spray

“When it comes to applying eyeshadow I use a fixing spray like the Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray on the brush, every time. It makes the pigment super strong so you don’t need to spend ages building sheer layers, and it also helps the shadow to last much longer – no matter what you put it through.”

Every product can be multi-use

“I love discovering ways to make products multi-use. I use lipsticks all over my face – liquid lipsticks like the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks are a good eye base under eyeshadow and are great for blusher as well as for lips.”

Blurring products are the best concealers

“The best way to conceal blemishes is to find a good blur product – Cover FX do the most amazing Blurring Primer, which I love. I use it over my stubble area as well because it really fills in all the nooks and crannies.”

Less is more

“When I first started doing drag I used to think ‘the thicker the foundation, the better’ – but now I can get away with using really great foundations and being clever with concealing. Cover FX make the best concealers because they’re so buildable – I love their Power Play Concealer. It’s all in the name – Cover FX.”

Skincare is the most important part

“I’m all about skincare. I can’t put any foundation (or any makeup!) on unless I’ve bathed myself in moisturisers beforehand. I also do a lot of chemical peels so I’m adding collagen back into my skin. I use Alpha-H, which is definitely the best skincare brand I’ve ever used. I love Liquid Gold and the Beauty Sleep Power Peel. It’s the best. I personally like to feel the burn when I’m looking after my skin.”