6 Makeup Tips From The Winner of Drag Race UK

Ever wondered how drag queens always get their makeup looking on point? Well reader, today is your lucky day because not only have we got all the inside details of how to get makeup that looks and lasts as well as a queen’s does, but we also have the details coming from the winner of Drag Race UK. Yep! Lawrence Chaney aka Scottish drag royalty aka the winner of season two, is here to spill all their beauty secrets. You’re going to want to make notes…

“You’ll be shocked to find out I wasn’t always this gorgeous. It has taken me years to get to where I am with this art form! These are just my personal preferences, so take them or leave them, but here are a few of the tips from book (Lawrence (Drag) Queen of Scots) that have worked out quite well for me.

“Nobody can tell you the ‘correct’ way to paint your face, as a lot depends on your style and personal preference – but I’m going to try. The options are endless, and you can be as creative as you like. If there is any place to really go OTT with the mak-up, though, it’s through drag. The rules are there to be broken and reinvented, but first you need to know your basics.”


“Shaving with the grain is the best way to avoid rashes and irritation, but I would strongly advise feeling over your face afterwards to find some bits where stubble may still be lurking, and shave those against the grain (the opposite direction from which your hair grows).

“Don’t underestimate how much moisturising the skin helps. Looking after your skin is the first step in any kind of makeup. For all the straight boys out there, or if you’ve got a man, get them to read the following three words carefully: MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE. Look after your skin, get that sun cream on!

“Using a primer is another great way to prepare your canvas, and most decent primers come with the added benefit of blurring your skin texture and giving your makeup something to stick to. You may need to try out a couple of different primers based on your skin type. Some products are made for dry skin, some for oily and some for combination skin.”


“I’ve tried every foundation under the sun – sheer, matte, dewy – all by mistake, to be honest. Because my skin is almost translucent, I like to use a base foundation that’s one or two shades darker than my natural skin tone before I go in with highlighter. This helps the highlighting colour pop more on the face and look more dramatic, like a lovely Neapolitan ice-cream sundae. Pay attention to the undertone of your skin, too. If you have yellow or peachy tones in your complexion, you may be warm toned. Alternatively, if you have pink or blue tones, you may be cool toned. Most good foundations have variants of each shade with different undertones.”


“Check how your lips would look with varying expressions and positions. Do not draw them too wide. Some queens will spread the lips right on to the cheeks and naturally they will crack, and you will end up looking like The Joker. Practise how your lips look when you are smiling, laughing, frowning, crying your eyes out, etc. Trust me, I know what that’s like, I’ve cried on national television with cracked lipstick and black teeth, and it’s not a good look.”


“A lot of people take a set of lashes out of the box and just pop them right on. I think it’s really important to customise them – not all lashes will fit your eyes: some may be bigger or smaller. You also may want to stack multiple pairs of lashes on top of each other to give a longer or thicker look. If you’re going for a soft and subtle feminine look (like mine), perhaps go for more feathered lashes, not to be confused with actual feather lashes. Trust me. DO NOT. USE. FEATHER. LASHES. NEVER. EVER. EVERRR. Not coloured lashes. Not feathered lashes. If you love yourself, you will NOT. USE. FEATHER. LASHES.”


“Some still use the old drag trick of setting your face with hairspray, and though this works in a pinch, a purpose-made setting spray will be kinder to your skin and be the final element in destroying any crumbly, cakey textures remaining on your face. While your face is still a little damp from the spray, get any powder highlighter and sparingly apply it to the tip of the nose, the chin, in between the brows and a little on the cheeks. Do not get it in any crevices, and remember, less is more with this step! Putting too much on will ruin all that lovely highlighting and contouring work you’ve just spent two hours on as well. However, once you find that sweet spot, your cheekbones are visible from Mars with the naked eye. Fact. Ask NASA.”


“One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in life is that you need to get through the bad before you get to the good stuff. It applies to all areas of life. If you think you are going to pick up a brush for the first time and be able to look like your favourite queen, get that idea out of your head. There are endless opinions on what works best. It’s also worth noting that a lot of your favourite queens have had a few nips and tucks, so don’t compare yourself to something that isn’t real. I’m not judging anyone – you do you, babes – but don’t put the pressure on yourself to expect anyone to look like that in reality. Practice makes perfect here, so you’ve got to be patient.”