Get To Know Generation BEAUTY BAY: @echo_michaela

Generation BEAUTY BAY are the MUAs and micro creators that we can’t get enough of. They’re the ones who are ahead of the trends, with their fingers on the beauty pulse, and always providing the inspo. But we know you will love the Generation BEAUTY BAY gang as much as we do, so it’s about time you got to know them.

This week it’s time to get to know our March 2021 Creator of the Month, @echo_michaela. From her first beauty memory to her must-have makeup products, @echo_michaela has all the insider inspo that you need to know. 

How did you start your beauty journey?

I started my beauty journey way later than most! I was around 18/19! I’ve always been a tomboy really, doing things outdoors and hanging out with my friends and makeup was never needed. That all changed when I went to university and suddenly all the girls would get ready to go out and I was the only one who was like ‘urmmm makeup?’ So, I started getting into it and my housemate showed me all the good YouTubers to watch and who to follow. I was hooked from that day! 

What is your first beauty memory?

My dad lived in Canada when I was a kid and my mum lived there before she had me, so she was an old school MAC girl through and through! My first makeup memory is being allowed to pick one thing to buy in MAC at the airport on the way to Canada as a kid. 

What is the best piece of beauty/industry advice you’ve been given?

Probably to manifest your dreams. If you believe it will happen it will happen sooner or later! 

Where do you find inspiration?

Mostly from actual makeup. I’ll look at a palette and start putting together a look in my head. I also get a lot of inspiration from nails as well as from other artists sometimes.

What beauty products do you always have at your side?

I always have a lip gloss handy and a nude lip. My white mascara is always at the ready as well. 

What is the one product every MUA should have in their kit?

Definitely some sort of mixing drops to adjust foundation to make the perfect shade. 

What’s your top piece of beauty advice?

Be bold and be brave! Do what you love and makes you shine inside and out! 

What is the most underrated product in your kit?

Probably any dewy setting spray. They can bring any look to life and give it dimension! 

What is your 2021 must-have product?

Definitely a freckle tint! 

What is your favourite beauty product of all time?

Omg that’s so hard! Hmmmm I definitely have to say any palette with bright colours like the Bright Matte 42 Colour Palette or the Sample Beauty Painters Palette. 

Which beauty trend are you loving right now?

I’m living, breathing, and dying for the butterfly trend! 

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