7 Embarrassing But Common Beauty Questions Everyone Has, Answered

Shaving, sweat, dry feet, broken nails – they might not be the most glamourous beauty concerns, but s**t happens, people. And also, we don’t care. Like, at all. It shouldn’t be embarrassing to ask about shaving your bikini line or dandruff because they’re perfectly normal concerns that literally everyone deals with on a daily basis. That’s why we’re here, to answer your most confusing, WTF-worthy beauty questions, in order to reassure you that they’re totally normal. Plus, we have all the answers. Thank us later. 

Scroll down to remedy the common beauty concerns we all have.

“I wash my hair regularly but I always seem to suffer from dandruff and an itchy, oily scalp. How can I make it go away?” 

Firstly, don’t worry, you’re not going through this alone – dandruff is one of the most common hair conditions in the world, which means there’s a lot of products out there to help alleviate it. Our favourite is Briogeo’s Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Treatment. It’s a targeted treatment which you apply to your scalp to break down dead skin cells and product build-up. We love it because the results are instant and it feels and smells so good – it contains tea tree to unclog blocked hair follicles and mint oil to soothe and reduce irritation. 

Top tip: This can be used after shampooing, but we find this works best if you apply around ten drops to your scalp, massage in, leave for half an hour, and then rinse out.

“I have rough ‘chicken skin’ on the back of my arms – how can I get rid of it?” 

You’re not alone – ‘chicken skin’ aka Keratosis Pilaris (KP) affects nearly 40% of the population and is one of the most-Googled beauty concerns out there. We wrote all about it here, but in short, all you need to do is invest in Dermadoctor’s KP Duty AHA Moisturising Therapy For Dry Skin. It might look like a regular body cream, but you only need to apply it to affected areas – it contains glycolic acid in a strong enough to buff even the roughest patches of skin smooth.  

Top tip: KP is a genetic condition so there’s no way to get rid of it forever – to keep on top of it, use the treatment 2-3 times a week.

“I’m going on holiday soon and I have really rough skin on my feet but can’t afford a pedicure. What can I use at home for the same result?” 

You definitely don’t need to pay through the nose to get the results of a pedicure at home – and there’s no need to invest in multiple creams, scrubs, and pumice stones. In fact, there’s just one product you need to leave you feet super smooth and soft – Oh K’s Peeling Foot Mask, which gives you baby-soft feet by causing your dead skin to peel off. Sound horrific? It is, but it’s so worth it. All you need to do is wear the treatment socks for 1-2 hours – over the next week your skin will gradually shed, leaving them sandal-ready. 

Top tip: Use tape to fasten the socks securely to your feet and slip a pair of regular socks on over them so you can walk around without slipping.

“I always get shaving rash in my bikini area! Are there any products or hacks that will help prevent it?” 

Shaving rash can be incredibly uncomfortable (and even painful) to say the least – it’s what turns many of us to waxing (or going au naturel), but there are ways to keep the area pain-free after shaving. Using a proper shaving product designed for sensitive skin will make all the difference – e.g. Lowengrip’s Intimate Healthy Care Shaving Gel Oil – the gel-oil texture helps to soften skin and hair, making it easier to remove, and it contains meadowfoam seed oil which helps to soothe and alleviate irritation. The brand also makes an Intimate Care Soothing Balm, designed to restore moisture, alleviate razor bumps, and soothe irritation. Shaving, sorted. 

Top tip: Shave away from the direction of hair growth for the cleanest shave.

“Whenever I use fake tan it fades in patches and leaves brown marks in random areas that don’t fade for weeks. What’s the best way to get rid of them?” 

No one wants patchy post-fake tan skin, but if you’re into fake tanning, you’ll probably be well aware of this all-too-common problem. Basically, exfoliation is the answer – but scrubs (or anything too abrasive) will worsen the patchy effect. Whether you’re getting rid of a few last remnants or your tan has all gone to pot and you need to get rid of it straight away, look no further than Isle of Paradise Over It Magic Self-Tan Eraser – it contains glycolic acid, a hardworking chemical exfoliant. Simply spritz over skin until saturated, wait five minutes, then buff off with a sponge or flannel. 

Top tip: Take a hot shower before you begin removal or as you remove – the steam will soften the tan and make it easier to take off.

“I always buy whichever deodorant is on offer but they never work. Can you recommend one that’s truly sweatproof – and doesn’t leave white marks?” 

You wear it every day, and you reply on it to keep you dry and odour-free, so this is an important one. The most important thing is that you opt for an anti-perspirant instead of a deodorant (only antiperspirants stop sweat). Healthy Glow Antiperspirant from Lowengrip means business. A refreshing cream applied via a rollerball applicator, it stops sweat dead in its tracks, and the best part? No white marks in sight. It’s also excellent for those who shave their underarms, because it’s ideal for sensitivity and contains hydrators to moisturise dry and irritated skin. 

Top tip: Apply deodorant before you go to bed as well. Your body is at its baseline temperature while you sleep so it’s easier for skin to absorb the deodorant and use it to plug your sweat glands.

“How can I stop my nails from breaking and flaking all the time?” 

There are hundreds of creams, oils, and treatments to choose from if you suffer from weak, brittle nails, which can make choosing one tricky. However, with over 150 rave reviews on BEAUTY BAY, Nailtiques Protein Formula 2 is a treatment you can 100% rely on for results. It’s a blend of proteins and keratin which works to bond the layers of your nail together to prevent chips, flakes, and breakage. Paint it on before bed and leave it to work its magic while you sleep. 

Top tip: One of the number one causes for weak nails is incorrect filing. That’s right, you should always file your nails in one direction, never both.