SOS! 6 Products You Need On Standby For Skincare Emergencies

Skincare emergencies can make even the most cool and collected of us panic – after all, skincare isn’t always as simple as a ‘quick fix’. But as it turns out, beauty brands aren’t ignoring our pleas for help – there are plenty of products that can remedy our skin concerns, fast… 

Emergency: I have a huge breakout on my chin that needs to be gone by tomorrow!

Don’t worry, it’s not too late to fix things! Yes To Tomatoes’ Detoxifying Charcoal Blemish Dots won’t work on spots that haven’t yet ‘surfaced’, but if your breakout is well and truly ‘out’, they’re a foolproof solution. Simply apply straight to the offending spot (make sure your skin is clean and dry or they won’t stick) and peel off in the morning – they take down swelling, pain, and redness, and help to prevent scarring. 

Emergency: I moisturise religiously, but every day without fail by 3pm my makeup starts to look dry and patchy. 

It’s good to hear that you’re moisturising already because hydration is key – but it’s important to remember that hydration comes in more forms than just creams. Have you tried adding a face mist into your routine? If not, spritz on Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray With Aloe Herbs and Rosewater at every opportunity. You can use it under and over makeup, so keep it to hand (I have one on my desk and another in my handbag) for literal skincare emergencies. 

Emergency: I just woke up and I have a massive blemish. I need to treat it but I also need to wear makeup today. 

We’ve all been there – you have a great overnight spot treatment, which works really well but is also super obvious on your skin – so much so that you definitely can’t get away with leaving the house wearing it. This is where a transparent and fast-absorbing spot-treatment comes in handy. My favourite is Mario Badescu’s Buffering Lotion – it’s every bit as effective as the famous Drying Lotion, but has the added bonus of a thin, watery texture which absorbs instantly, getting to work even with makeup layered on top. 

Emergency: My skin feels tight and dry. I’m worried that it’s going to go flaky and my makeup won’t go on smoothly. 

You need to act fast with a short-term solution, before investing in a really good moisturiser to maintain hydration in the long-run. So first I’d pick up Saturday Skin’s Quench Hydrating Sheet Mask. It’s literally like a drink of water to quench dry skin’s thirst, and it has immediate results. Apply it to clean, dry skin and leave until the mask is almost dry. Then, once you’ve removed it, massage the excess serum left in the packet into your skin and don’t rinse off until morning. 

Emergency: Ever since moving to a city my skin has become more congested and prone to breakouts. However, it’s really sensitive so I can’t overdo it with exfoliation. 

Okay, so This Works’ Evening Detox Spray On Exfoliant is about to be your new best friend because it’s specifically designed for skin exposed to pollution. The super fine mist exfoliates without abrasion or irritation thanks to the inclusion of salicylic acid (a chemical exfoliant), which decongests pores, resurfaces skin, and heals breakouts, leaving you with a smooth, clear, and bright complexion. 

Emergency: My skin breaks out if I don’t mask everyday but I’m going on holiday and only have a limited liquids allowance for my luggage.  

Packing liquids for a trip away is always the most stressful part of travelling, but fortunately Yes To have clocked onto this common problem and released a mask that classes as a solid – so you can travel with it in your hand luggage fuss-free. Much like a glue stick, the Yes To Detoxifying Charcoal Snap Mask twists up and spreads easily across skin (no need for fingers!) – it uses charcoal and tomato extract to quickly and efficiently decongest and purify skin, wherever you are.