15 MUAs To Follow If You Love The Makeup On Euphoria

If you’ve watched Euphoria and you’re beauty obsessed, you’ll no doubt have noticed the major beauty looks that define each character. Rue has her colour-shifting glitter, Jules her rainbow liner streaks, and Maddy her embellished cat eye – elaborate makeup looks that are straight out of your Instagram feed. 

While creative editorial makeup has been around in magazines and on catwalks for years, Euphoria has shone a spotlight on a new wave of boundary-pushing makeup artists dominating Instagram with eyecatching looks that strike the balance between wearable and inspirational. 

Rejecting old school makeup convention in favour of makeup inspired by everything from music to food, this new era of MUAs see their faces as blank canvas and their Insta feeds as exhibitions of their skills. Scroll down and hit follow. 


Doubling as an illustrator and a makeup artist, Ioana’s page is a hive of crazy-cool editorial makeup inspo you’d think you’d only find in the pages of a magazine. 


If you want help recreating the exact looks from Euphoria then Vanessa is your gal. Her YouTube and Instagram tutorials make even the show’s most complex looks seem wearable. 


Whether a full face (literally) of glitter or a splash of neon that strays from her eyelids, Wendy rocks her truly creative and no-holds-barred looks with ease. Her looks are nothing short of show-stopping. 


Speaking of the exact looks… If you’ve ever wondered who the show’s lead makeup artist is, we did the digging for you. Follow Donni for details on the looks, their inspo, and the exact products used. 


As Donni’s assistant makeup artist, you can trust that Kirsten’s feed will also serve up BTS shots and all the details – from which lashes Maddy wears through to her gemstone application techniques


A single scroll through Helen’s Instagram will make you want to throw on some glitter and rhinestones and invest in a rainbow coloured eyeshadow palette. 


London-based Ana’s work is the epitome of makeup as an art form. Her feed is one of the most inspirational you’ll see, thanks to her creative mind (and steady hand!). 


I’ve lost count of how many screenshots of Nush’s work I have saved in my phone. Her artistry is incredible and she has a growing reputation for creating some of the most stunning, minimalist looks. 


Self-taught makeup artist May has some serious skill. If you’re looking for inspiration for creative eye looks with bold colours and unique shapes, hers is an Instagram you need to check out. 


Courtney dreams up cool looks for catwalks and fashion shoots. She has a love for colour, sparkle, and shine – all of which you can find in abundance on her Insta feed. 


Jason’s love for colour doesn’t just stop at his eyes; he also shows off some crazy cool full face looks that (while you may not be able to wear to work), make for great inspiration and ‘Saved folder’ eye candy. 


If looks directly inspired by Euphoria are what you’re after, Aniyah’s feed is one to watch. Featuring perfect pastel blends, glitter, and pearls, her feed is jam-packed with ethereal makeup inspo. 


J’s work is a perfect example of the magic that happens when an artist breaks the beauty rules and throws convention out of the window. Their feed is packed with fun, colour, imagination, and serious skill. 


Rain’s intricate eye makeup looks take artistry to another level. Her feed is brimming with inspiration that ranges from bold and editorial to dreamy and romantic.  


Proof that more is always more, Michael’s totally extra makeup looks show off some of the best blending skills we’ve encountered in a long time. Expect perfectly cut creases and radiant skin.