6 Women Reveal Their Favourite Evening Habits To Promote Self-Care

The things you do before bed can have a big impact on your life. It’s a great time to perform a daily ritual that helps you to wind down, destress, and get a good night’s sleep – setting you up for an effortless PMA (positive mental attitude!) when you wake up. With more and more women choosing to use their evening to practice self-care, we spoke to six industry insiders to find out what their bedtime habits are. 

“I love having a bath. Sounds really simple but it really helps me to relax and focus on myself. When I’m feeling overwhelmed and anxious, I like to read out and manifest positive things. When you speak positively it uplifts your mood without you realising. I love a good doodle too.”  

@wendysworld_xox, Makeup Artist 

“My evening routine is the one step in my day I refuse to skip. I find it super meditative and relaxing especially after a pretty full-on day. As soon as I come home, I wash my face. If I feel like having a mini facial, I’ll use a sugar scrub to get rid of any dead skin before applying a sleeping mask. I’ve been really into body brushing recently, I do it every other day before getting into a cocktail of a bath – I mix bath oils to fit my mood. As I’m newly blonde(!!) I take some time and apply a hair treatment to keep my hair as hydrated as possible. I then wrap it in a Silke London Hair Wrap to prevent it from snapping when sleeping. I light my candles and turn on my diffuser filled with essential oils – I find that this is the best way to calm my body and mind to have the best night’s sleep. As a form of meditation, I spend twenty minutes with my puppy (well, a dog now!) who gives THE BEST cuddles before bed.”  

@klaudiacloud, Freelance Beauty PR 

“My evening routine starts the moment I walk through the door. I like to take my makeup off and wash my face as soon as I get in, to wash off the London grime and pollution and let my skin breathe for a few hours. I’ll then cook dinner and light some candles (especially in winter) as I like my flat to feel really relaxed and homely — which I think is important when you’re living in the middle of a busy city. An hour or so before bed, I’ll apply my serums and (when I remember!) try and factor in some facial massage or a gua sha or roller. I use a dry body brush on my legs and thighs before applying a moisturiser or fake tan. I keep a salt lamp on my bedside table and I’ll keep this on for a few hours before I go to bed as it supposedly helps to purify the air. Once in bed, I’ll apply a lip balm and cuticle oil — and then watch an episode of something on Amazon Prime (I’m still working on that whole ‘no screen time’ thing) or read for an hour or so.” 

 – @chloeburcham, Beauty Editor 

“I always always always take my makeup off, no matter how many drinks I’ve had or how tired I am, and I always brush my teeth properly – I’ve never had a filling or anything so it must work! Also, every night I think of three things that I’m grateful for or that went well that day and I say thank you for them. This means I go to sleep with a positive mindset.”  

@melissatimp, Hairdresser 

“There are two things I have to do every night. And this could be an early night before work, or getting home from the club at 2am – it doesn’t matter, I *have* to do them. Firstly, I have to have a cup of tea. My body doesn’t feel settled for sleep unless I have a (decaf!) tea right before I go to sleep. It’s so warm and cosy, there’s nothing like being snuggled up in bed with a cuppa. The other thing is acid toning. Even if I don’t bother with a full routine and want to just wash my face and go to bed (likely, if it’s after a night out), I always feel like I’m taking the dirt and grime of the day off of my face with acid toner. A quick sweep of acid toner makes my face feel so fresh and like all the build-up has been removed. It’s the one step of my skincare routine I can’t miss out on (even if I haven’t applied the two hundred serums and oils and moisturisers I should be applying).” 

@ameliaperrin, Freelance Beauty Writer 

“As soon as I get home, I take my makeup off, up goes the hair, and PJs on. Then I spend time with my housemate putting the world to rights (sometimes over wine, not always!). I try not to be on my phone too much as I can get lost in Instagram, and then before bed I hold my gratitude rock and say thank you for everything that I’m grateful for. Practicing gratitude really puts things in perspective for me and means I go to sleep with a positive outlook.”  

– Emma, Fitness Instructor