Everything You Need To Know About EYN

EYN is designed to be exactly what it says on the tin – everything you need. This is a back to basics approach to beauty that covers all the bases (literally). We’ve starting with what we know you love best – brushes and eyeshadows – and there’s more to come soon…  

Here’s everything you need to know about the first drop.

EYN Brushes

Creating the perfect look is as much about the tools as it is the products… Everyone knows that brushes can make or break a look, which is why we decided to start EYN by kitting you out with the essentials worth investing in. These super-soft synthetic bristles are formulated to perfectly mimic natural hair – which means they’re soft, silky, and pick up the exact amount of product you need (never too much). They’re easy-clean, anti-bacterial, and even the handles are specially designed to give you maximum control.

Prism is perfect for newbies who are just starting out and building their kit – 12 face and eye brushes in a 2-in-1 carry case. 

Eye Wonder is inspired by the pro kits we see backstage, 12 face and eye brushes in a convenient and travel-friendly brush roll. 

Rose Gold Glam is for the aspiring MUA, a complete set of 18 face and eye brushes in a case which also handily doubles up as a brush stand. 

EYN Eyeshadows

This (growing) family of eyeshadow palettes is available in three colour-curated collections, Fiery, Bright, and Berry, each broken down into two sizes (nine and sixteen pans) and (for the nine pan palettes) three different formats (matte, metallic, and mixed). Everyone involved in the testing process for these palettes was blown away by the potent colour payoff and creamy textures – we especially love how much the shades pop when used with a damp brush. 

A selection of bright, vibrant eyeshadow palettes, the Bright range has everything you need to embrace the rainbow! You’ll find shades of electric blue, and lime green, alongside rich purples and classic reds for luminous and eye-catching looks. Available in matte, shimmer, or mixed nine-pan palettes, and a sixteen-pan mixed palette

The ultimate collection of fiery, warm-toned eyeshadows– these palettes are everything you need to amp up the heat. Expect warm shades of striking copper, burnt orange, and dusky pinks for a warm and vibrant glow. Available in matte, shimmer, or mixed nine-pan palettes, and a sixteen-pan mixed palette

Palettes filled with rich, berry-toned eyeshadows, basically have everything you need for a smoky, sultry vibe – combining shades of deep purple, sparkly lilac, and sultry metallics for soft but buildable definition. Available in matte, shimmer, or mixed nine-pan palettes, and a sixteen-pan mixed palette