How To Get Stick Straight Lashes To Hold A Curl All Day

You might wonder how a brand that specialises in mascara (and currently has 10+ options in their lash line to date) could continue to launch new, innovative, and exciting products – with extreme points of difference – on a regular basis. Mascara is just mascara, right? Not according to Eyeko. The thing is, there’s a lot of cocktailing magic that goes into mascara that we don’t know about (but Eyeko do). It’s all about the perfect marriage between the brush and the formula, tweaked depending on what you want most from your mascara – Volume? Length? Curl? All three?

Because Eyeko are well aware that we all want different things from our mascara (often on different occasions) they refer to their collection as a’ mascara wardrobe’ – there’s a mascara to wear when you’re at the gym, one for extra drama, one focussed on length, another for volume, the list goes on…

Ultimately, I’ve never been unimpressed by an Eyeko mascara – they all do exactly what they say they will on the tube – and the latest addition, Lash Alert Mascara is no exception. This mascara is basically a growth-promoting lash treatment in mascara form – i.e. everything I’ve ever wanted, because all my previous attempts at using lash treatments have failed miserably, and yet I wear mascara without fail every single day…

In the short-term, this is all about lash lift – aiming to keep lashes perky and curled for a 12+ hour wide-eyed effect. It achieves this thanks to a helix-shaped brush and an award-winning Korean technology which combines fibre and tubular formulas to build on budge-proof lash extensions, thickened by teeny tiny fibres that adhere to lashes for a falsie effect. All the criteria you’ve ever looked for in a mascara. Just you wait, it gets better.

That’s right, with continual use, you’ll observe longer, thicker, healthier lashes thanks to the botanical-infused formula – a blend of shea butter, caffeine, arginine, biotin, and peptides which works to nourish, thicken, stimulate growth, and improve elasticity and resilience.

eyeko lash alert mascara

As far as application is concerned, this is an absolute dream to use – the combination of rubberised bristles and a gently curved brush make it easy to reach, coat, and separate every lash, without clumping, and the formula is super light and silky, so brushes on with ease. 

Oh and it’s water-resistant, which means that your makeup remover will wick it off with ease, but if you end the day crying with laughter over a Facebook meme, you won’t have to deal with an panda eye situation.