We Put Eyeko’s Vibrating Eye Serum to the Test

Due to a combination of late nights and early starts, my recent sleeping habits have meant I’ve had my fair share of opportunities to test out (what feels like) every puff-reducing, darkness-brightening, wrinkle-filling eye cream/serum/gel/mask out there. I’ve tried the good, the bad, the ugly, and most recently, Eyeko’s Eye Boost Serum – which I can confidentially say is quite simply the best thing I’ve ever used.  

It’s a two-in-one massage tool and eye serum, designed with sleepy, puffy morning eyes in mind. Exactly what a girl needs at 6am, right? It’s a pretty nifty looking gadget – a squeezy tube with a metal applicator on the end. Although the applicator concept isn’t new, this one comes with the added bonus of a vibrate function (cool, huh?) which helps to distribute and press product into the skin. It’s also super cooling (keep it in the fridge for even more effect) so feels uhh-mazing in the morning – plus it glides over skin without tugging (a big no-no in the eye area) and the vibrate effect helps to boost the depuffing action and work the serum deeper into skin. 

Of course, the serum’s formula itself comes into play as well. The best thing about it is that it’s a serum, rather than a cream – creams can actually make puffiness worse (especially if you have young skin) because they’re quite heavy. This however, is completely weightless, silky in texture, and absorbs super fast, delivering a supercharged blend of caffeine, vitamin B, hyaluronic acid, and algae. It has weirdly/impressively fast and visible results – making my whole eye area look smooth and contoured before I’ve even reached for my makeup bag.

Thanks to my new beauty BFF, I no longer wake up bleary-eyed after five hours of sleep and reach straight for the concealer. Pick this one up, for sure.