6 Struggles Every Fake Tan Addict Will Understand

It’s a beauty mistake we’ve all made. The streaks, the orange elbows…the horror! We need to talk about the stages of fake tanning that we’ve all been through (and hopefully learned from). 

Choosing the right shade

Because you wanna be tanned, but not too tanned and you want it to be noticeable but also not too different…phew. 

Trying to apply evenly

‘Ummm *looks at cat*…can you do my back?’

Learning to hover

Walking around trying not to touch anything while it develops but suddenly feeling like tackling EVERYTHING on your to-do list.

Trying to sleep

…on strategically placed towels. 


Getting out of the shower feeling like a goddess.

Who, me?

Acting surprised when people tell you you’re looking tanned and claiming it’s just your natural glow.