7 Holiday Gift Ideas For Every Family Member

Christmas shopping is hard enough as it is – but Christmas shopping in real life is just about the only thing that could take the Christmas spirit out of me during the festive season; crazed shoppers fighting over the last item on the shelf, queues to pay out the door, and the central heating set to full blast – meaning you’re sweating under your big winter coat before you’ve even managed to have a browse.

Sit back, relax, chill out, make yourself a hot chocolate (not necessary, but definitely recommended) and read on for our Christmas gift guide for just about everyone in your life. You’re only a few clicks away from getting all your holiday shopping sorted in one go; not one crazy, grabby customer in sight. There. Doesn’t that feel good?

Your vegan best friend

We’ve all been there, you may have enjoyed roasts, bacon sandwiches and cheeky Nandos visits together up until recently – but now, to your surprise, your best mate is vegan. You respect her decision, even if you do miss your Friday night fried chicken trips (just a little bit). Show her you care and encourage her passions (and introduced her to how amazing the new world of vegan beauty can be!) by treating her to a BEAUTY BAY Origin 42 Colour Eyeshadow Palette. This warm toned palette is 100% vegan and cruelty free, and is absolutely packed with pigment (and is a humongous *42 shades*). Cruelty free, high performing beauty at an amazing price = win win.

Your moisturiser stealing boyfriend

We’ve all glowed a guy up. Before you met, he used foot cream as moisturiser and rubbed some body wash over his face on special occasions – he might know every minute detail about his favourite football team, but ask him what a serum, toner or ampoule is and he’s completely lost. Now, six months into the relationship, it’s all ‘babe, where’s the glycolic acid?’ and he sends you weekly articles about new face mask trends that he thinks you two could ‘try out’. Story of my life. Get him his own products and he won’t ever have to steal yours again. A gift for him, a gift for yourself, so to say. The Mario Badescu Regime Kit is a high performing yet easy to use full skincare regime, including a mask, a cleansing gel, a toner and a night cream  – so good you’ll want to share. Oh how the tables have turned.

Your Instagram famous cousin

You haven’t heard from your cousin in a while. Since last Christmas, actually. In fact, everyone around you seems to think she’s gone off grid. So you check in on her social media, just to make sure she’s okay – when suddenly you see she’s somehow amassed 107k followers, gained herself a gym wear sponsorship deal and has personal discount codes to your favourite dress shops?! How and when did this happen? Christmas dinner chat is going to be interesting to say the least, trying to explain the term ‘influencer’ to your grandparents (cue ‘so you take photos all day – are you a photographer?’). Get her something she’ll use in her new lucrative career this Christmas – Bondi Sands Glo Matte One Day Tan gives you a non-streaky, sun kissed base in a matte finish, for fast, natural looking results. Who knows. Maybe your thoughtful present will feature in her Christmas Gift Haul video.

Your boujee mum

It all started when you needed to borrow some lip balm – you had a look in your mum’s makeup bag; and that’s when you noticed it. Since when did your mum use £45 mascara? Or wear foundation that has a waiting list? I’m sorry, does her face cream have diamond extract in it? When did your mum become so… fancy?! After you’ve come to terms with the fact a hand-made card and petrol station flowers aren’t going to cut it anymore, get her a gift she’ll get excited by; Starskin 7 Seconds Luxury All Day Masks combine seven skincare steps into one little mask pad, for luminous, glowing skin (and use the old  ‘mother/daughter pamper day!’ excuse, so you can try them out for yourself, too).

Your 'what's that all over your face? why do you spend so long in the bathroom?' nagging dad

Your dad’s been questioning ‘what’s that muck all over your face?’ since you experimented with lip gloss aged ten before the school disco, and it hasn’t got any better with age. Show him the light by investing in some good-quality (yet simple to use, and fairly ‘manly’ looking – baby steps!) skincare products for him. Carbon Theory’s The Daily Essentials Kit contains a bar of acne fighting cleanser and a hydrating moisturiser with a matte, shine free finish. Its industrial packaging will entice him into actually using it – and maybe once he realises the delights of a good skincare routine, he’ll eventually get off your back about spending so much time in the shower, too.

Your YouTube obsessed little sister

‘…And welcome BACK to my channel’ – if you’ve ever caught your little, YouTube obsessed sister saying this, a Jeffree Star Cosmetics Hand Mirror couldn’t be for a more perfect gift. Jeffree’s infamous star mirror makes an appearance in all his video intros, and became so popular, he made it available to purchase; earn some brownie points and get her some merch this Christmas. And then just hope she doesn’t try and rope you in to filming her makeup tutorials for her.

Your 'new mum’ old pal

You grew up together, played out together, made embarrassing fake entry tapes for the X-Factor together, had countless sleepovers – in fact, even nowadays you walk into her house and go straight to the fridge, as if it’s your own. You’re basically part of the furniture at this point. So, how come she’s suddenly had a baby?! You’re only 27, practically still children yourselves! Why, when and how has your oldest friend suddenly become a real adult? Surely not. You remember student night clubbing as if it were yesterday. Still. You have to be supportive – you could be nice and offer to babysit or change some nappies, but it’s way easier to just get her something nice and wrap it up. The gorgeous smelling Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow Body Scrub will give any tired mum the little perk-up she needs every time she showers, and will look pretty sitting on her bathroom cabinet, too. Happy new mum, no nappy change require.