Don’t Forget To Pack These 18 Festival Beauty Essentials

If selecting your favourite glitter, face gems and instant tan for a festival ranks higher than buying a tent and sleeping bag, then you’re definitely our type of festival go-er.

As important as those boring (but necessary) purchases may be, the beauty essentials are where our expertise come in, and if we may say- are just as important. Because a good beauty product will always put us in great mood, even if we’re sat in a grey field, most-likely covered in mud.

We’re here to cover all bases and make sure you don’t forget anything when packing this festival season. We’ve already covered skincare needs, nail art ideas and festival makeup inspo, and now it’s time to pack the all-important, travel-friendly extras that you might have forgotten about.

Scroll to discover our top 18 festival beauty essentials.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, SPF will always be your BFF (even if it is cloudy or raining). Slathering on a solid, broad-spectrum SPF is a crucial step of your skincare routine, especially if you’re outside for hours. Take (and apply) your SPF50 face lotion and SPF30 lip balm as usual, but also pack one for your body. We recommend a spray for easy application, when you’re strapped for space and time before the headliners. Banishing sunburn while you boogie? Yes please. One like the Sol de Janeiro Rio Radiance Body Spray SPF 50 is a pro-time saver when you’re rushing between acts but still want to get a 2-hour re-up. 

Primers & Setting Sprays

The usual fundamentals when it comes to makeup for a festival boils down to two things: how creative you get and how well your makeup lasts. A tacky primer for your makeup to cling onto goes a long way to prolong wear-time and ensure it doesn’t budge. And a solid setting spray is an absolute must to seal your look in place and keep it in top form for as long as possible. Put these two together and you’ve got the ideal base for festival-friendly glam that stays (and slays). So come rain, sun, or sweat, your makeup is almost guaranteed to stay put and fresh with any of these products in your bumbag. 


Is it really a festival look if you aren’t covered in glitter or gems, and your looks aren’t bursting with colour? Yes, it is very tempting to go au naturel and let your sweat serve as a very dewy highlighter (we’ve all been there). There’s a lot to consider when it comes to gearing up for festival glam. Sometimes you need those face gems to bring your look to life, a swipe of saturated eyeshadow to make a statement, or the shifting shimmer of a glittery eyeliner to glisten your gaze. Either way, these festival makeup must-haves will not let you down.


Glowing skin is always a win during festival season, and we’ve got the (glow-giving or getting) essentials for you. A shimmery body oil will always be your go-to for many reasons, as it’s a foolproof solution to an instant glow and super easy to apply. Another way to get that golden glow is to use fake tan. You may be straying away from fake tan in fear of it melting off in the heat, but what if we told you we’ve got a sweatproof tan up our sleeves? Mine Tan’s Workout Ready Tan Foam, we’re talking about you. Oh, and don’t forget your aftersun, if the sun does decide to come out.


Hot showers may be limited at a festival, but that doesn’t mean our hair has to suffer. Picking a great dry shampoo to revive your day-three, un-washed hair is an absolute must, and will have everyone thinking you’ve had a fresh wash and blow dry. Hair ties are also a must and if you’re feelin’ boujee, a cordless straightener could be the answer to all your hair anxiety (and will also make you extremely popular with the rest of your campmates).