10 Festival Beauty Looks To Try From Pinterest

Music may be the order of the day, but beauty is the first thing on our mind when we have a festival on our agendas.

Muddy campgrounds and overcrowded tents have fast become the stomping grounds for the coolest, edgiest beauty looks of the year, the perfect opportunity to bust out the glitter, sequins, and brights.

Scroll through to be inspired by the trendiest new looks to channel your inner festival fairy (and stand out in a crowd of flower crowns)…

Glitter Highlight

OTT glitter, sequins, and colour – all the must-have ingredients for a festival beauty look checked off in one go. Combine a finely milled glitter like the LA Splash Crystallised Glitter with Festival Face Chunky Glitter to truly dazzle. 

Star-Shaped Freckles

We are all for this simple but eyecatching take on festival beauty – who knew freckles could be so fun? If you can’t find star-shaped sequins, draw on stars using a fine-tipped liquid eyeliner like L.A. Girl’s Line Art Matte Eyeliners instead – it’s much more durable.

Falling Stars

Sequin stars cascading from your eyes and down your cheeks like magical tears may not be an everyday look, but for festivals? Pinterest says yes. Recreate this look using Festival Face Moon & Stars UV Glow Glitter.

Glitter Parting

Turn greasy roots into a festival-worthy hairstyle by twisting your hair into space buns and painting glitter onto your roots (top tip: use Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel to make it stick). No one will know you forgot your dry shampoo.

Dot Detail

Glowing skin, metallic eyes, and gold dot decoration arching across the browbone make for a subtle but stunning interpretation of festival makeup. Plus, it’s practically foolproof, all you need is Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Liner.

Glitter Underline

Evidently, Pinterest users are super obsessed with glitter makeup. Make a minimal look festival-ready by going all-out with your eyeliner. Leave the liquid liner at home and replicate this look using Stila’s Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows.

Rainbow Highlight

Elevating your highlighter is literally the biggest no-brainer of festival season. To really amp the effect, give your metallic monochrome shades a rest and use a rainbow combination instead. Jeffree Star’s Skin Frosts were practically made for the occasion.


Embrace that inevitable bedhead texture and revive second day hair by spritzing it with Fudge Professional Salt Spray and plaiting in some messy boho braids. Then, on day three, release them to reveal tousled beachy waves.

Flower Paint

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a festival Pinterest board that doesn’t feature an image like this one. Flower paint might be a complex-looking style but it’s actually much easier to do than you’d expect if you use Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks. Just hold them like a pen!

Sequin Detail

All this look requires is careful and precise placement of individual sequin pieces – try digging through a mix like The Gypsy Shrine’s Multi Mix. Take a cue from this image and pair the look with bold eyeliner, perfectly groomed brows, and a neutral lip.