The Only Beauty Products You Need To Survive Festival Season

If you’re anything like me, the words “I only booked hand luggage” and “pack light” will send a shiver down your spine. I’m a “just in case” kind of girl so everything is an essential when I’m packing. Unfortunately, festivals are not the places for long sleeve options and double cleansing. They’re the kind of places where convenience is key, where the less ‘stuff’ I take the more important things I can squeeze in, like bottled water (because nobody has time to pay £3+ a piece when you’re there). So, after some misplaced priorities and terrible choices last year, I’ve compiled a list of my festival must haves and legit essentials…

Is there anything worse than waking up in your makeup from the night before? After a day of nonstop dancing in wet & humid conditions, you need to get deep into your pores to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and glitter. With this pack of 30 convenient face wipes, you can simply swipe away all evidence of the night before in one simple step…no matter what state you roll into your sleeping bag in. 

With no touch-up time between sets you need something that’s going to keep your makeup firmly in place. This lightweight and mattifying face spray comfortably locks in your look whilst fighting shine and protecting from the sun. With its high SPF protection, come rain or shine (probably rain) your face is thoroughly protected from damaging UV rays and can be easily reapplied.

You can’t go to a festival without glitter, not only is it in “The Rules” but it just so happens to be one of the most exciting parts. Using the shaker style lid, you can recreate a selection of on-trend hair, face and body looks with maximum convenience and out of this world sparkle. 

Versatility is key. Any product that adds some much-needed colour to my cheeks is a lifesaver, but when that colour can also be applied to my lips? It’s a God-send. With a lightweight cream texture, you can seamlessly smooth and blend it over the skin in 60 seconds for an instant pick me up and soft natural blush. 

Restoring the bounce and shine your hair had when you arrived, this dry shampoo cleanses and refreshes without the need for water. Its light floral scent is delicate yet strong enough to overpower that lingering campfire smell, whilst the foam formula soaks into hair to inject a new lease of life and create a fuller, thicker finish. 

Smudge, budge and waterproof, Eyeko have the perfect festival mascara and it might just be hiding in your gym bag. Thanks to its curved wand, you can remove the lash curlers from your check list, as this multitasking mascara adds colour, volume and long-lasting curl. Resistant to sweat, tears, flying drinks and the occasional rain shower, dance your day and night away without the panda eye fear. 

It’s what festival beauty dreams are made of. With your whole face in one palette, colour your eyes and cheeks with this compact seven-colour palette. Made up of small pressed powder segments, I use the pop-out mirror attached to precisely brush on bronzer, blusher, highlighter and eyeshadow and create a ‘got an MUA in my tent’ kind of look. 

Nobody is going to get the best sleep of their life at a festival but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. At home, This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a bedside staple, so without a bedside, this multi-tasking hair spray is the perfect solution. Formulated with the same soothing lavender scent, I mist it over my hair before sleep to create a calm, sleep inducing environment and wake with conditioned hair that’s ready to take on day 2. 

Don’t wrongly dismiss your usual cleansing routine because you think it’s too high maintenance for a tent. Sets of miniature skincare like this one completely refresh your skin both morning and night without taking up too much room or valuable time. With everything you need to cleanse, tone and moisturise, Pai even include a muslin cloth so you don’t have to use the corner of your pillowcase on your sensitive skin.