6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Filter By Molly-Mae Self-Tan

If you’ve gone all your self-tanning life thinking you’ve found your favourite brand, shade and formula then we’re here to burst your little bronze bubble. Introducing Filter By Molly-Mae. The brand has (finally!) launched on BEAUTY BAY and is already proving to be a holy-grail favourite for so many reasons, and we’ve compiled them all here for you. 

Founded by Molly-Mae Hague, the brand has created a range of self-tanning mousses, tanning drops and mitts, so literally every step of your self-tan routine is covered. Naturally streak-free and effortlessly lightweight, each Filter by Molly-Mae product has been designed to achieve a natural, even and illuminating glow, whilst keeping your skin bronzed, hydrated and supple for longer.

Get ready, your Thursday tanning routine is about to get a serious upgrade.

It’s Hydrating

Gone are the days of patchy, dry and tiger-bread skin on day 3 with Filter By Molly-Mae. Their tanning mousse is jam-packed full of skin-loving ingredients like aloe and green-tea antioxidant, which leave your skin feeling nourished and full of moisture. Win-win! 

The shade range

Three healthy glowing shades make up the range of Tanning Mousses, making finding your perfect glow easier than ever. Medium is perfect for fairer skin tones, or those wanting a more subtle glow, Dark is the one for the lighter to olive skin tones, or those wanting a more natural glow and Extra Dark is the match for medium to dark skin tones, or those wanting a much deeper, bronzed glow. Pick your shade and you’re good to go.

It’s customisable

The Filter By Molly-Mae Tanning Drops are your one-way ticket to a customised facial tan, helping you to achieve that real life filter look (without clogging your pores). Enriched with hydrating aloe leaf and banana flower extract, the customisable self-tanning facial drops help you to achieve a natural-looking, radiant and effortless glow all year round. 

It smells lush

We’re leaving biscuit-scented, unpleasant self-tanners in the past thanks to Filter By Molly Mae. The Tanning Mousse is bursting with a fresh, skin-friendly, bespoke scent that you’re gonna be obsessed with. It’s game changing.

It’s streak free

Formulated with a blendable and lightweight formula (that can be applied in more than one layer), the Tanning Mousse helps you achieve a truly natural and streak-free finish. Say goodbye to streaks, patches and mitt lines and hello to an even and flawless finish.

It’s so easy to apply

Self-tanning can be seen as such a chore, but with Filter By Molly Mae, we’re looking forward to tanning Thursdays. With an easy-to-follow guide colour, that eliminates streaks and blank spots, the Tanning Mousse is the effortless tan you need in your routine. Plus, the brand has two mitts under their belt, a Large Mitt and a Mini Mitt, for your face and body, that are both super-soft, machine-washable and easy to use.

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