Bought The Wrong Foundation Shade? There’s A Fix For That

Sometimes, mixing your foundation is a lot easier than hunting for the perfect shade – especially if you were only slightly out. What’s more, customising your foundation means you can achieve the perfect shade and tone for your skin – because let’s face it, they’re never quite right, are they? 

Whether you need to lighten, brighten, or add some cool or warm tones to your foundation, these correctors are especially made for tweaking your foundation colour. Just remember, a little goes a long way…

Too warm?

If your new foundation oxidises (the fancy way of saying it gets more orange once it’s on your skin), use Blue to neutralise the colour or give it a cooler undertone. 

Too cool?

If you’ve bought a foundation that’s cool-toned and makes you look a bit pink and flushed, use Orange to warm up the undertone for a more neutral shade. 

Too grey?

Some foundations can look grey and chalky if they’re not quite the perfect match for your skintone. Use Yellow to give it a more golden undertone. 

Too dark?

Maybe your foundation matched your summer tan, or perhaps you made the classic error of picking one just a shade or two too dark? Use White to lighten the colour.