What’s So Great About This Scrub Anyway? You’d Be Surprised

There are all sorts of fancy serums and eye creams, but I still think that the best coffee product is the humble coffee ground body scrub – it’s my favourite way to get my legs short-skirt ready after hiding them under layers all winter, and for prepping them ahead of a fresh tan.

My favourite scrub to use? The Instagram-famous Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub – founded in Melbourne after one of the company’s business partners (a coffee shop owner) noticed that women were asking for used coffee grinds to scrub their skin with.

I drink a lot of coffee (no really), so I don’t bat an eyelid at taking (what is essentially) a bag full of coffee grinds into the shower with me and sloughing at my skin with it – and you won’t either after reading this article.

Plus, your bathroom will smell like a coffee shop afterwards – utterly heavenly.

Granted, it might look just like the stuff you add to a cafetiere to make your morning latte, but it gives your skin a major buff – you won’t believe how smooth, soft, and not-at-all-dry your skin will feel after just one use.

More than just your average body buffer – it’s the coffee that takes things to the next level for a truly thorough exfoliation experience that tackles everything from extreme dryness to cellulite, bumps, dry skin, and ingrown hairs.

And (as if you needed any more reasons why) here’s exactly why we’re totally addicted…

1. Coffee actually has the same pH as skin, so it won’t leave your skin feeling dry or oily.


2. Coffee is coarser and more finely ground than sugar scrub exfoliants, so it’s much more effective at buffing away dry, flakey skin and dead skin cells.


3. The scrub also contains sweet almond, orange, and soybean oils which help to trap moisture into skin and deliver fatty acids which keep skin soft and smooth.


4. Scrubbing in a circular massage motion helps to stimulates blood flow, which gets rid of stretch marks, scars, and cellulite. This also stimulates collagen production, which helps to keep skin smooth and tight.


5. There’s not one single microbead in sight, it’s 100% natural, and it’s vegan-friendly – so this is majorly guilt-free exfoliation.


6. The scrub is designed to be used in the shower – the steam opens up your pores and means the caffeine can be easily absorbed to work its magic (it helps to decrease the size of fat cells – magic, indeed).


7. Coffee is packed with antioxidants which help to target free radicals – the harmful molecules that cause premature skin aging.


8. Some natural exfoliators, such as walnut shells, can be quite sharp which causes damage to skin, but as coffee grounds are soft and rounded, they exfoliate skin gently.


9. The scrub uses extra-fine coffee grounds, which allow you to scrub quite vigorously, allowing for optimal absorption and efficacy.