6 Skincare Tips For Frontline Workers

As we face one of the strangest times in history and most of us are confined to the four walls of our houses, there are countless frontline workers in various industries working hard to keep our lives going. From NHS doctors, nurses, and care staff, to supermarket staff, public transport drivers, and manufacturing workers, we’re so grateful for the work you are doing. But with working on the front line comes the need to wear PPE in the form of masks, gloves, and guards, which can all wreak havoc on your skin. So when you have time to relax and recoup, we’ve got some skincare tips to help you feel the best that you can.

1. Healing hands

Constant hand washing and glove wearing will have resulted in hands that are super dry and in some need of some TLC. After a long day (or night) at work, wrap your hands in the Starskin VIP The Gold Hand Mask whilst you catch up on your favourite series, and let the shea butter work it’s magic on restoring your hands. For extra hydration wherever you are, carry the Neighbourhood Botanicals Hand Balm with you – a balm that’s specially formulated for hard-working hands.

2. Reducing inflammation

There’s a number of things that can result in skin becoming inflamed such as stress, your environment, and having to wear PPE, all of which you may be having to contend with right now. When it comes to calming down irritation, cica is the go-to ingredient. Dr. Jart+’s Cicapair Serum contains tiger grass, an Asian herbal plant that helps skin to recover from stress and inflammation, leaving you with a calm complexion. To get that extra boost in there, try out the TonyMoly Vital Vita Calming Mask. Keep it in your fridge for an extra cooling effect when you apply.

3. Improving hydration

Wearing masks can really dry out your skin leaving it feeling tight, flaky, and irritated. Double up on the hydration by adding a serum and moisturiser into your routine to help combat dryness. During the day if you’re wearing a mask, you don’t want anything too heavy on the skin that could lead to blocked pores and breakouts whilst your face is covered – try out The Ordinary’s Marine Hyaluronics and Natural Moisturising Factors to give hydration that will last all day. At night, focus on getting as much nourishment as you can. The Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream and Liquid replenish and restore the skin, leaving it feeling softened and smoothed. To get rid of any flaky skin on the surface of the skin, we love the grüum Exfoliating Face Wash – it’s gentle yet effective.

4. Mask breakouts

Wearing something over your face for a long period of time can result in breakouts, due to moisture build-up from exhaled breath and lack of air circulation. If you have started suffering with spots and you’re not sure where to start, try out one of our fave face masks. The Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask is naturally antibacterial, whilst still being hydrating and nourishing to the skin. The YesTo White Charcoal Mask uses a soft white charcoal to extract impurities from your pores, without leaving your skin feeling stripped and dry – exactly what you don’t need any more of right now.

5. Aching muscles

Most key worker industries require you being on your feet all day, which can cause havoc with aching and cramping muscles. Allow some time for some rest and relaxation, even if it’s just a quick 30 minutes in the bath. The Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak contains birch, lavender, chamomile, and sea salt that gently warms the muscles leaving you feeling soothed and calmed. Afterwards, rub in some of the BeYou CBD Body Balm – a balm that’s specially formulated with an all-natural, non-psychoactive CBD to help soothe pain and relax the skin.

6. Chapped lips

Dry skin and hands? Chances are your going to have dried out lips too. In a similar way that masks can dry out your skin, they also have the same effects on your lips, leaving them feeling chapped and sore. A makeup bag fave and a go-to lip product for years is the Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm. It’s won countless awards and for good reason – it delivers the best and long-lasting hydration to sore lips. For an extra burst of moisture, try using the Project Lip Lip Mask beforehand.