Game Changer | The Alternative Lip Filler

Blame it on overexposure to celebrity news sites or call it The Kylie Effect; either way it’s safe to say that full lips are a thing right now, and I for one am slightly fixated with the voluptuous lips of the likes of Angelina Jolie and Rosie Huntington-Whitely. When I consider my own mouth however, it’s much more minimalist, and so I am all over every lip-plumping product that launches with the promises of giving me a Kardashian-worthy pout. The trouble is that nothing I’ve tried so far has quite come up to scratch – the reason being that most lip-plumping offerings come in the form of gloopy, sticky pink lipglosses, which sit uncomfortably on my lips.

Whilst some similarly disillusioned full-pout seekers are resorting to the extreme measure (and cost) of fillers and surgery, injectables are not only a huge commitment, but they’re expensive, and from what I’ve heard, they hurt. So in hopes of achieving the bee-stung lips of my dreams without setting foot in a derm’s office, I put to the test NIOD’s Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate, a much more affordable and accessible option. There are few brands that could convince me of a product’s lip-plumping capabilities, but NIOD is one of those few, a brand which places scientific advancement at the forefront of its product development. 

There are tonnes of ways to fake fuller lips, but it doesn’t get much easier than this, a weightless fluid which goes on like a serum, dries quickly, and tingles slightly to let you know it’s working. Most temporary lip plumpers work by irritating lips, causing them to swell immediately, but this goes a step further, using hi-tech ingredients to provide short and long-term results, which last. It comes in a tiny bottle but really packs a punch thanks to a powerhouse of skin-smart ingredients, including a range of peptide complexes, amino acids, and everyone’s favourite moisture booster, hyaluronic acid. Naturally found in skin, hyaluronic acid is a top ingredient in hydrating skincare and surgical lipfillers as it plumps skin by attracting and retaining water. Because of this, Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate works with a process similar to how injectable lip plumpers work, but since you’re applying it topically, the effect is subtler. You’ll notice if your lips were dry and had a wrinkly appearance, they’ll look smooth and taut once you’ve applied this, and whilst the serum itself is colourless, it works to enhance the natural pigment in your lips, generating a more vivid colour. Use it by itself for a sheer, lightly-tinted finish, or let it sit for 10 minutes before layering a lip colour on top. Use it twice a day for 30 days and you’ll really start to see the plumping effect.

NIOD Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate

There’s a reason why I now keep one of these on my desk and another by my bed. Whilst most lip-plumping products are super sticky and glossy, this is perfect if you’re looking for the plump without the colour, and what’s more, it costs way less than fillers and is completely 100% safe. Perfect if you’re looking to add a little bit of volume to your pout without going down the semi-permanent route.

NIOD Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate