Game Changer | The Time-Saving Hair Hack

As the popular saying goes, ‘time is of the essence’, and as a rather busy lady, I’d much rather spend my time being productive/having fun/getting an extra 10 minutes of sleep than labouring with a hairdryer in one hand and a paddle brush in the other. I’ve long advocated the practice of twisting wet hair up in an old t-shirt post-shower to soak off excess water and speed up the blowdry process, but I’ve since been converted by the new kid on the block, Aquis. A range of super-absorbent, aquitex fabric hair towels and turbans designed to dry hair quickly and minimse the friction that causes frizz and split ends. If the t-shirt trick speeds up drying x3, then Aquis propels the drying process into overdrive x548637491. 

What’s more, the Aquis doesn’t just help hair to dry faster, it also helps to prevent frizz, and leaves hair smoother and shinier = perfectly prepped for styling. Air-drying (basically a fancy way of saying do nothing at all to your hair) never leaves my hair in good stead (think: kinky and fluffy), and although I can’t imagine a world where I ditch my hairdryer for good (I always use it to finish the process), Aquis is the perfect happy medium. Woven from super-fine microfibers designed to absorb high levels of moisture and jump-start the drying process, the waffle-weave material feels like an ultra-luxe terry cloth, wicking moisture out of hair without causing the damage and frizz normally incited by regular towels.

Truly, this will help you to live your best life. Or just get that well-deserved lie in. Whichever.

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