Game Changer | ARTDECO Camouflage Cream

As ever, I’ve been on a makeup mission. A quest to find the ultimate concealer, one which would cover all flaws and imperfections. From bruises and outdated tattoos, to breakouts and dark circles. With a fair complexion, each and every blemish is strikingly visible, demanding to be covered by a veil of makeup. And as wedding season approaches, my choice of delicate, floaty dresses require unblemished, smooth skin that will remain flawless throughout the day and night, surviving the various and inevitable photography.

The One

I may just have found it: ARTDECO’s Camouflage Cream. A highly pigmented, creamy textured concealer which glides over skin, erasing everything in its wake. True to its name, the cream camouflages all imperfections, smoothing away my dark circles and completely obliterating any breakouts. But, whilst it does all this faultlessly, that’s not where its game changing abilities lie. Its power is such that it can be used to cover even blue and black ink tattoos – it’s an all-round skin perfecting wonder.

artdeco camouflage cream

To use, I just remove a little of the cream, placing it on the back of the hand to warm and soften it up. Using a concealer brush or dampened sponge, I then lightly pat it over the area, blending and covering at once. Then I just repeat, and build coverage until the area is completely concealed. It works incredibly well on the body, and sets down with a light dusting of translucent powder, for stay-all-day coverage. 

As a bonus, the magnetic pan and small size are especially designed to fit in the ARTDECO Beauty Boxes, and also fit in the Z Palette, too, so I’ve made myself a mini concealer palette with a selection of shades that are a perfect fit for the different areas of my face and body. And I’m good to go, with the flawless skin I’ve only ever hoped for, and the confidence to face that wedding photographer.

ARTDECO Camouflage Cream