Game Changer | The Makeup Brush Revolution

Here’s the thing; I’ve worked on beauty counters and performed more makeovers than I’ve had cooked breakfasts, and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that no matter how good the quality of your makeup, the brushes you use are the key to a flawless finish. Cheap and badly made brushes make makeup harder to do, it’s a fact. Some deposit too much pigment, some seem to eat all the product themselves, some are too precise and require copious blending, and some practically buff product off the skin. Artis knows this, and they’ve taken countermeasures with their uniquely designed brushes, designed to blend pigment on a microscopic level for a flawless finish.

The One

Riding the wake of technological revolution in the beauty industry (gizmos and gadgets do far more than just blow-dry your hair and shave your legs these days), Artis brushes look more like luxe toothbrushes than they do the tools you typically employ to buff and blend. The engineered fibres are designed to apply product more consistently than animal and synthetic hair; with an average of 3-10 times more individual fibres than conventional brushes they do more work with every pass across the skin’s surface (your makeup routine will be noticeably less time-consuming).

The Artis Elite Mirror 3 Piece Brush Set offers the world many things; plenty of questions for one (every person to pass my dressing table during the time I was testing these did so with a double take). But get past the unusual design and put these brushes into practice and you’ll find your makeup routine quite revolutionised. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that they’ll make you fall in love with makeup all over again. The Oval 4 is designed to deliver and blend eyeshadow to the lids and concealer to the undereyes; it performs both tasks exceptionally well but truly excels in the latter. In fact, tt doesn’t absorb a single drop of concealer, instead smoothing the product to an undetectable finish. 

Artis Brush Set

Likewise, the Circle 1 (for lipstick) presses pigment deep into the lips, meaning that the pigment has durability without the need for the application of multiple heavy layers. Finally, the Linear 1 (designed to apply liquid eyeliner and brow powder/pomade) distributes just the right amount of product, making application foolproof even for a novice.

Soft, fluffy, perfectly shaped to hug the contours of your face – these are the overachievers of the makeup brush world – you’ll never use a regular makeup brush again.

Artis Elite Mirror 3 Piece Brush Set