Game Changer | The Chic Hydrator

We are all aware of how vital water consumption is, with the multitude of health benefits it brings regularly cited in articles and across social media, and even apps specifically designed to help us stay hydrated. But, being honest, how often do you really drink the optimum 8 glasses of water a day that the experts recommend?

Working at a desk with a busy schedule, I find it all too easy to forget to grab a glass of water, or I find myself putting off that short trip to the kitchen to refill. Before I know it, 4pm has arrived and I’ve hardly drank a drop. Not so long ago, I began to notice a change in my skin texture; it became somewhat dull and lacklustre, whilst I felt continually fatigued and became prone to mild headaches too. I initially sought to place the blame on my morning coffee routine (addiction), diet and more, but to no avail – it soon became apparent that my lazy drinking habits were to blame. 

The One

So, in pursuit of upping my daily water consumption and reaping the benefits that come with it (and always looking for an excuse to treat myself to something pretty), I turned to BKR. A sturdy glass vessel encased in a sleek, coloured silicone sleeve (the evocative shades might well take inspiration from the catwalks for all their chicness); the bottles are pure luxury and stunning in their simplicity. Choosing a 1 litre in Elle (a gorgeous soft blush shade), I began to use it daily at my desk. Filled up quickly in the morning and decanted into a glass throughout the day, my BKR has completely changed my drinking habits. Once a chore, I now find myself drinking a litre of water without any conscious effort. Plus, the BKR looks beautiful on my desk, so it takes pride of place, which in turn means it’s in my eye line and reminds me to drink. 


Notably, a chief benefit to the glass design is that it’s non-carcinogenic, unlike disposable plastic vessels which can leak chemicals into your water if allowed to sit in the sunlight. What’s more, the glass and silicone design mean that my water stays cool for hours, and both parts can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

If fact, I am so in love with my BKR, that come payday I’ll be taking the obsession a step further and plumping for a 500ml bottle for my car, too. The hour I spend commuting to and from work, is another time in my day where I can easily slot in a little more water intake. My skin is clearer, smoother and brighter and I’m no longer struggling to stay awake come the 3pm slump – now that’s what I call a beauty fix.

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