Game Changer | The DIY Tanning Mitt

Having lived with a devout beauty editor for the best part of ten years there’s very little of the BTS of the beauty industry that my Other Half hasn’t been privy to (or unwillingly tried). From the gross (snail slime creams) and the gruesome (vampire facials) to the downright ludicrous (“£1000 for a serum!! Why can’t you get gifted in cash instead?”); he’s now surprisingly well versed in all things beauty, having played an unintentional supporting role to my adventures in skin, hair, bodycare and makeup.

Whilst there are, of course, some pros to being my plus one – he (secretly) enjoys face masks, massages and press trips to far-flung destinations – he also endures and patiently tolerates the cons of being married to a beauty devotee.

For a start, my nagging is somewhat unusual. There’s no talk of taking out the bins, or emptying the dishwasher. Instead my requests go by way of “Honey, could you hold my curling tong as I do these last few sections” or “Any chance you could dye my eyelashes during half time?”.  I’ve even been known to ask him to even-out my eyeliner flicks when I’m too tipsy for symmetry to be an option – he’s an artist, so I’m in safe hands!

However, there are certain things he simply cannot abide. Self tan being one of them. He loathes the smell and that our bedsheets are regularly tinged orange. On rare occassions, he’s even been known to banish me to the spare room when smothered in St. Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse! And I dread the weekly attempt at ensuring my back is the same colour as the rest of my body as, in a state of undress, loaded mitt in hand, I have to block his view of the television and beg and plead for a smooth application! 

Which is why, if he were to write a beauty feature, it would be this one and it would be entitled Ode To The Bronzie. Because, it’s not just me (and the rest of the Beauty Bay Content team) that thinks the Bronzie ‘Got Your Back’ Tanning Mitt is an out and out Game Changer. My OH is also a devout fan of the “why didn’t you come up with that” accessory – and, I guarantee, your boyfriend/ husband/ partner/ roommate will be too. Because this funny bit of fabric has finally given him an ‘out’ of one of his worst weekly beauty duties. 

When loaded up with tanning product of your choice (mousses, creams and gels work best IMO), the super-soft, stretchy length of velour with a mitt applicator at each end allows you to cover all hard-to-reach parts of your body, with ease and even application. Yes it takes a bit of getting used to – but once you’ve got to grips with the angles, and ensuring the fabric is loaded on the right side, it’s simple, effective and the greatest bit of tanning kit you’ll come across. 

Which means, I can finally bid farewell to patchiness, uneven coverage and potentially pushing my man’s beauty patience to the brink.