Game Changer | The Summer Body Maker

It’s around this time of year, every year, I suddenly realise that I should have been taking care of more than just the skin on my face throughout winter. Hidden away for months on end behind layers of knitwear and tights, the onset of the summer months brings a subtle, yet very real fear of exposing my limbs for all to see. 

With a natural affinity for pretty, instantly gratifying and transformative makeup products, I tend to neglect all non-essential body care such as the task of regular exfoliation and moisturisation. An inevitable precursor to dry, scaly, dull and less-than-smooth skin, the antithesis of what one envisages a summer body to be. 

And so, as the days get longer, the hunt begins for quick-win products that will quickly restore my skin to a bikini body standard, which I can bare to the world with pride. Minimal effort, maximum payoff – the Holy Grail of the beauty world.

The One

My quest led me to Como Shambhala’s range of at-home spa treatments. Created by the owner of the beyond-beautiful COMO Hotels & Spas, the range is filled with premium essential oils and luxe ingredients, all potently and pleasantly scented just as you’d expect a premium spa range to be. It was the Invigorate Body Scrub that piqued my interest: a natural exfoliant promising to smooth my skin with a blend of salts and sugars whilst simultaneously hydrating with coconut and almond oils. 

Opening the lid releases a heady blend of lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus, transporting the mind to a calm and soothed state. 

COMO Shambhala Invigorate Body Scrub

The gritty paste is the perfect consistency, at once dry enough to remain on palms and with just enough slip to glide over the skin effortlessly. The coarse grains of salt and sugar gently buff and polish skin, sloughing away dulling dry patches without the overt aggression of coarser products. The grains melt away with the massaging action, leaving behind a smooth, nourishing oil which keeps skin well-moisturised throughout the day. The perfect lazy-girls treatment; I find the residual oil removes the need for any post-polishing hydration and skin is left glowing and ready for summer’s floaty apparel.

Como Shambhala Invigorate Body Scrub