Game Changer | The Hair Plumper

Like most, I am on an eternal quest for beautifully full-bodied, volumised hair. A hybrid of Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes and beauty blogger Amelia Liana’s magnificent manes – all swish, gloss, wave and bounce. And whilst all of these women clearly have both an arsenal of professional products and stylists at their disposal, not to mention plenty of time, to perfect every strand and ensure they remain immaculately coiffed at all times – it must be achievable for those of us who don’t.

Lacking the commitment and indeed the funds required for quality extensions, or an on-call hairdresser to blow dry my hair to plumped-up perfection each week, I’ve tried any number of volumising styling products in my journey towards that elusive “good hair day”. And I think I may just have cracked it.

To give you some context, my hair is flat, limp and lifeless by nature, with a fine to medium texture that I battle daily. The slightest hint of humidity will both deflate any root lift and induce a frizzy wave through the lengths – neither of which are particularly flattering, nor welcome.

The One

But then, whilst witnessing a hairstyling pro transform a model’s lanker-than-you’d-like locks on a shoot, I discovered something truly amazing. A complete transformation by way of a little red pot of powder called Osis Dust It.

Resembling a salt shaker, Dust It is a fine, white powder that feels tacky on contact with skin. A touch sprinkled into roots adds a rough, matte texture that can be manipulated to lift and pump up hair.

Osis Dust It Review

I just dust it lightly throughout hair and then use fingertips to lift hair at the roots for all over volume. Et voila! Full, textured hair in seconds!

But the magic doesn’t end there.

My go-to “night out” hair comprises loose curls and lots of lift. For this, I now have a tried and tested strategy.  First up is Sexy Hair’s Big Root Pump Mousse massaged into towel dried hair and blow dried in. Then, after hair is curled with a conical wand, my precious Dust It is applied to the roots and distributed with fingertips. Finally, a light misting of hairspray directly at the roots followed quickly by a bit of light backcombing using a teasing brush. The result? Big, emboldened hair that lasts all night long.