Game Changer | The Insta Filter Balm

Thanks to Instagram, we can filter-fake the flawless, poreless skin of our dreams, but when it comes to getting the skin-smoothing golden glow of Valencia or the pore-erasing high-contrast of X-Pro II IRL, things can get a little more challenging…

Here’s the thing about pores: you can’t just get rid of them. You can clean them, cover them, fill them, and blur them, but contrary to misleading marketing myths, you can’t shrink or erase them. The thing is, we need them – they’re our bodies’ means of expelling excess oil and sebum, and they’re the means by which the high-power ingredients in our skincare products are absorbed. Their size is determined by genetics – some people are blessed with tiny, barely discernible pores, but the unlucky amongst us are born with ones that would perhaps better be described as craters. 

I’ve chronicled many of the skincare ailments that I’ve overcome over the years, from acne, to redness, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, and dullness, but I never thought that pores would be something I would be able to consider ‘conquered’. I’ve tried any number of ‘pore-filling’ primers, which typically use silicone molecules to block up indentations – a temporary relief, but essentially not good for your skin – these only serve to clog pores and make the situation much worse.

Things changed when Hylamide’s HA Blur Skin Finisher came into my life. Not quite a primer and not quite a moisturiser, this velvet-smooth peanut butter textured lotion works to diffuse light and diminish the appearance of pores to recreate that soft-focus effect in real life (in other words, it’s pretty much Photoshop in a tube). Its blurring technologies are happily silicone-free. Instead it utilises a hyaluronic acid powder base, which not only virtuously blurs pores whilst hydrating skin, but also melds seamlessly with makeup, helping it to adhere to skin for a lasting HD finish.

hylamide ha blur

‘Holy grail’ is a phrase that I hate to throw around, but it most definitely applies to this little tube of magic – ideal for calling on in those offline moments that require a flawless skin finish. Best applied as  a base beneath makeup for peak porelessness, but it works pretty well mixed in with foundation too, or as a means to cheat ‘no makeup’ days.

Hylamide HA Blur Skin Finisher