Game Changer | The Ultimate Skin Smoother

The pursuit of smooth-as-silk skin is big business in beauty. Hair removal, the extent to which you need to commit to it, and the methods of doing so are vast, and varied. Take your pick – from the simplicity of shaving to buzzing epilators, the more exotic means of threading and sugaring, hair removal creams, waxing or for something a little more permanent there’s always lasers. 

And yet, despite so many options, hairlessness requires a very real commitment-to-the-cause which is why, for many of us, we take the easiest (and cheapiest) route – becoming slaves to the razor. Which is totally fine mid winter when legs are buried for months behind thick opaques, but when they’re destined to be bared through spring and summer, a teeny tiny tinge of dread sets in. That silky smooth sensation that comes immediately after a close shave is great, but not when having to be repeated daily. And with pale skin, thanks to a little Irish heritage, and dark brunette hair, for me daily upkeep would be essential. It seems I was never destined for naturally smooth pins that only need sporadic maintenance. 

The One

Or at least, so I thought, until I discovered Iluminage. An at-home, permanent hair-removal system, packaged up in a sleek, hand-held design.

At the touch of a button the device whirrs into life, with a self-cooling fan. Directed at skin, it emits a pulse of bright light with a warm sensation – the combination of IPL (intense pulsed light) and RF (radio frequency) working to disable the hair follicle and preventing the hair from re-growing.

Understandably, I was cynical at first. 10 minutes, once a week, for soon-to-be-forever smoothness? Surely not.  And yet, that’s what it took, a mere 10 minutes spent whizzing up and down my lower legs, once a week, a short enough commitment that I could dedicate to.

Iluminage Precise Touch Review

After 6 sessions, my legs have noticeably less hair regrowth, looking and feeling smoother, with limited obvious re-growth and the promise of perennial hairlessness. And what’s more – the Precise Touch can be used all over the body, too – I see you summer, and I’m coming for you, this year as a spontaneous silken goddess!

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