Game Changer | The Instant Manicure

It’s Saturday tea time, and I’m currently sat in my dressing gown with wet hair tightly wrapped into a towel, music on and applying my eye makeup. I’m supposed to be meeting my friends in town in an hour, but I haven’t even chosen what to wear yet. Then I catch sight of my chipped manicure and broken nail and resign myself to the fact that I’m going to have to settle for another rushed, cover-up job. Not quite the polished finish I envisioned for cocktails with the girls.

Sound at all familiar? If you’re as disorganised as me when it comes to getting night-out ready, that arduous task of painting nails is likely to be a step that’s missed at least once in a while. And yet, there’s a simple, and fast solution. Nope, not an in-house manicurist. Nailhur: A collection of snap on manicures, in a huge range of designs, from the most blinged out tips, to classic monochromatic hues, and four nail tip shapes. 

If you’re suddenly reminiscing about those cheap stick-ons from your school days, which fell off before you even left the house, don’t be put off. Nailhur’s adhesive bonds the false nail firmly and effectively, lasting over a week. And they actually look real, too. More cost effective than a salon manicure, there are over 50 designs to choose from, with nail art, embellishments and more – there’s literally a style to suit every look. I’m currently sporting the Kitty Kat style, made in collaboration with Nicole Guerriero – a negative space manicure without the effort!

nicoles nails nailhur kittykat set

And when it comes to removal? There’s no need to soak them in drying acetone, or harshly remove them, they just slide off with a little soaking in warm water. So now I have no excuse for tatty nails – I can press on a new, elaborate manicure in a matter of minutes and not be quite so late on my way out the door!