Game Changer | The Holy Grail Shadow

Hi, my name’s Rose-Ann and I’m a self-confessed eyeshadow addict. At last count I had over 400 different shades within various palettes and individual shades and I’m not ashamed to say that I have not slowed down – there’s always space for another one! I love them all – from the mattest, coolest tones to the glitziest and boldest of hues. Worn alone, or layered and blended together – it’s fair to say that when it comes to eyeshadow, I’ve tried and tested pretty much every formula going. Foils, glitters, shimmers, satins in jewel tones, inky shades and creamy nudes – and yet, my latest discovery filled a gap I never knew was there.

The One

Natasha Denona’s Duochrome Calypso Blue was introduced to me by way of a swatched hand thrust in my face by an excited colleague. Waving the hand inches away from my nose, I could see the gleaming pigment shift from berry, to pink, to purple and through to teal, with flashes of colour catching the light. Packaged in a sleek white compact with a clear lid, at first glance Calypso appears to be a purple with a shimmer finish – beautiful, yes, but already having a tonne of purples I had overlooked it. But having seen it on the skin, I realised I’d dismissed it too soon – it absolutely had to be mine.

I’ve since worn it countless times – it looks incredible alone, having enough depth to build on the lid for a mesmerising effect, and looks incredible layered over a chocolate smokey eye, too. But, for me, layered over a black base is where it really shines – it becomes this gorgeous teal-purple oil slick effect, and pressed on with a fingertip it has amazing colour payoff.  And if I had to choose just one shadow from my entire collection, this just might be the one.

Natasha Denona Mono Eyeshadow Duochrome 05M Calypso Blue

natasha denona calypso blue