This Hairdryer Will Give You The Blowout Of Your Dreams

It’s surprising how much difference a hairdryer can make to your hair. Granted, shampoo, conditioner, and styling products matter, but (as anyone who’s ever used a hotel hot tool can testify), use the wrong hairdryer and you will still end up with fluff, frizz, and those not-quite-dry patches. It’s one thing using a standard dryer that blasts heat at your hair until it’s dry/verging on fried, but truly good dryers equate to shorter dry time, less damage, sleeker texture, and major shine. In short, a worthwhile dryer can make all the difference between hair that you want to shove into a bun for three days, and hair that you want to flick, fan, and flaunt.

Hairdryers aren’t the sort of thing that many people consider investing in, but that’s because they don’t know what they’re missing. The professionals always do it better, and that’s because they’re armed with the best tools. Most hairdressers will agree that Parlux – an Italian brand who have been supplying the professionals with their tools since the 1970s – are the best of the best. As with most things in life – wine, pasta, gelato – the Italians do it better, and Parlux hairdryers are no exception. In fact, they’re widely renowned as the industry gold standard, against which all other brands are compared (and repeatedly fall short of). More than just hairdryers, they’re veritable feats of engineering – no-nonsense, built to last, and (no longer saved for the salon) responsible for years’ worth of good hair days.

The latest launch from the blowdry experts is the Advance Light, a hairdryer with the sort of spec normally the reserve of car sales pitches – a 2200 Watt motor, ionic and ceramic technology, a built-in silencer, heatproof casing, and an 83 metres per hour airflow. Sounds impressive, right? I was fortunate enough to take one for a test drive and it was nothing short of love at first blowout. In fact, it quite literally blows all other hairdryers into the shade.

For me hairdrying has always been a necessary evil – I have very long, very thick hair that I rarely have the patience to dry right through – but the Parlux Advance makes drying my hair much more fun (well, almost). The choice of attachments, and the multiple heat and speed settings give the ultimate level of control over styling – whether rough drying, smooth brushing, or quick curling – the result is shiny, bouncy hair with minimal time and effort required. Noticeably quiet and (thanks to the detachable nozzles) with a concentrated air flow that glides over hair, smoothing down strands, minimising frizz, and drying hair in no time at all. You could absolutely suck at blowdrying your hair and it would still come out soft and manageable, with that ever covetable professional blowdry finish.


Two of the biggest buzzwords when it comes to hairdryers are ionic and ceramic technologies, both of which are combined in the Advance Light. Put simply, ion technology uses negatively charged air molecules to control frizz and shorten dry time by reducing static and the size of moisture droplets, while ceramic components help to evenly distribute heat for a smooth and even blowout. The result is hair that is dried without being dehydrated, all while amping body and shine.

Straightforward, results-driven, and non-gimmicky, purchasing a Parlux Advance Light really is a worthy investment – a simple change that will shave more than a few minutes off your dry time and give you salon-worthy results. Hype is not to be ignored here.

Parlux Advance Light