Game Changer | The Magic Wand

I’m not expecting any sympathy, believe me, I know I won’t get it.  But when it comes to beauty battles, it’s my long, thick and super-straight camel-like lashes that push my buttons. 

I know how ridiculous that sounds given the lengths most women go to in order to enhance and extend their eyelashes; the costly and time-consuming process of individual lash application, of perming and dying, the tricksy application of falsies and the eternal quest for the perfect mascara. . . And yet for me, having a very permanent and very full lash-fringe means that even without a scrap of makeup on I look made-up (not ideal in the gym or on the beach), I can’t go anywhere without an eyelash curler close to hand for regular, and excessive, clamping (heavy, poker straight lashes do not assist in looking bright or wide-eyed) and all eye makeup, bar a super-fine black line, tips me into drag-queen territory. 

And then there’s the problem of finding that elusive Goldilocks mascara – the one that won’t pinch multiple lashes into one spindly spike, nor smother lashes in a heavy goo that forces them to fall. What I’m looking for is an even coating of an inky-black and hardwearing glossy formula that promises the perfect balance of volume, separation, length and lift, without any fall-out, smudges or smearing. One that whispers enhancement, and doesn’t shout “made-up”.

The One

I’ve been close to finding ‘the one’ a number of times, namely thanks to Revlon’s Grow Luscious mascara and Eyeko’s Rock Out and Lash Out mascara. For years I’ve switched between the two intermittently. And then I happened upon a new launch from Pur Cosmetics in the form of the Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara

Not only does it boast a fat and full-bodied bristle brush that reaches all the way down to the lash roots for thickening, volumising and lift, it doesn’t pick up too much product, which means minimal clumping and a just-right wrap of colour from a single swipe. The formula is thick and gel-like, velvety smooth and heavily pigmented. And whilst it boasts an innovative magnetic polymer matrix that is said to coat each lash with a positively-charged elastic veil, I can’t attest to the science.

pur minerals magnetic mascara brush
pur minerals magnetic mascara brush

What I can account for, however, is the fully-formed and fluttery lashes that I’m left with, and that last and last. 

And if it can do that for my awkward feathery fronds, just imagine what it will do for yours! Mascara game, changed. 

Pur Cosmetics Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara