Game Changer | We Put 4 Crazy Colours To The Test

Beauty rules keep people from doing things, instead they create norms that pre-condition us not to oppose them, and whilst you’ll see people inject colour into their outfits, bags, shoes, and furniture, they won’t stray from their nude lipstick or bronze eyeshadow… The thing is, there are scarier things in life than brightly coloured makeup (tarantulas and roller coasters come to mind). In fact, there’s something about colour that screams ‘I know what I’m doing here’, and above all, ‘I’m having fun’ – which is inherently, what makeup is all about.

Today, the Edited team are here to convince you that your life will be a little brighter (literally) for having a bit more colour in it, and prove that you really should get outside your comfort zone for a bit – it’s good for you! 


I’ve always been a bit terrified by super bright colours in makeup, especially when it comes to my eyes. I only ever wear bold eye makeup on nights out, and even then, it’s usually nude or neutral shades paired with eyeliner or lashings of mascara. Ever since the S/S’17 fashion week shows however, I’ve had bright eye makeup on the brain (it was all over the catwalks), so when I was challenged to inject a little colour into my look, I knew it would involve bold, high impact eyeshadow. True to colour and super pigmented, with staying power that lasts till 3am – and a warm, vibrant hue that makes my green eyes pop, Illamasqua’s Powder Eyeshadow in Apex is orange in its truest form. I press the colour onto my lids using a small wet smudging brush, painting a rounded shape that echoes the curve of my crease but lifts into a graphic point in the outer corner, and voila, I have colour on my lids! I usually wear it alone, no mascara, just bright bold colour from lashline to crease. A fun, modern alternative to a smokey eye, which I’ve been sporting for all manner of occasions. Consider me colour converted.

illamasqua eye shadow apex


Red is my colour. With every look, I add a wash of brick red lipstick and think myself bold and sophisticated. Instead, with continued use it’s become a safety blanket, so when I was challenged to try something new, I opted for Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in Crocodile Tears. Dark green, the exact opposite to red on a colour wheel, I was scared to say the least. I watched myself apply it in the mirror and thought I’d lost my mind! The doe foot applicator lined and filled my lips with smooth precision despite my shaking hand. Throughout the day, not only did it last, but it also made me new friends in the office (and on the tram) whilst giving me a newfound confidence. In fact, I loved being ‘the girl in the green lipstick’ so much that I’ve next set my sights on blue. 

jeffree star liquid lipstick crocodile tears


I live by the maxim “‘those who wear black and white lead the most colourful lives” and this very much extends into my beauty life… Nude and barely-there is my forte (and comfort zone), skin-mimicking tones of taupe, fawn and tan are my go-to and if I’m feeling really wild, I’ll add some metallic into the mix!!  But then I fell into the hands of a pro who introduced me to a mix of vivid rust-red shadows that made my green eyes dazzle and pop (Violet Voss’ Cranberry Splash and Wine and Dine should you be interested!). Without the skilled blending hands of a pro, when I was challenged to inject a little colour into my life, I sought out the next best thing; Kevyn Aucoin’s Mascara in Bloodroses. An oxblood burgundy mascara that gives my eyes life whilst keeping me at the edge of my minimal-colour comfort zone. Maybe red eyeliner will be my next step, who knows? Baby steps.

kevyn aucoin mascara bloodroses


I’m not entirely sure exactly when it happened, but at some point in the last couple of years I have become somewhat of a highlighter fiend. More is more in my eyes, and I’ll happily layer up on the shimmer for a glow that can be seen from outer space. Generally I stick to a soft champagne hue that tones with my fair complexion, adding sparkle as necessary to up the ante, but after sticking with the same old hues time and time again, I was craving that buzz you only get from pushing your beauty boundaries. And so I took a chance on Jeffree Star’s Skin Frost in Lavender Snow. A frosty lilac tone, with a metallic finish, it’s surprisingly flattering on my porcelain skin tone, yet has just the right amount of intrigue that makes me feel just that little bit cooler. Buttery soft, it buffs over cheekbones like a dream, catching the light perfectly at every angle. Glow level: Intergalactic.

jeffree star lavender snow