Game Changer | The Guilt-Free Face Wipe

There are two sides to every makeup story. There’s the obvious creativity and adventure associated with the application of makeup. And then, on the flip side, there’s the removal. A monotonous chore. But for me, it’s this taking-off downtime (that most consider a drag) that proves every bit as gratifying a process as the putting-on. In the simple sweep of a cleansing oil and the gentle whirr of the facial brush, and as the days’ makeup washes down the plug hole, this satisfying end-of-day ritual marks the start of downtime.

But not every day, or indeed night, ends like this. And most definitely not date nights, where, as is customary after one too many espresso martinis, the sleep-time becomes significantly less beauty-sleep appropriate. And it’s at these moments where removal becomes a very real hassle. 

The barrier between you and your bed. 

Yes there are those of us who, freed from the pain of taxi-only heels, slip under the covers with no remorse, makeup still well and truly intact (thank you primer and fixing spray). 

And then there are those, who like me, can’t bear to undo a week’s worth of double cleansing and slavish serum applying with one night off my regime. But even I draw the line sometimes.

It’s at these times that both skin-saints and skin-sinners (no judgement) alike will fall for RMS Beauty’s Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes


The One

The individually wrapped cloths, drenched in raw, pure, organic virgin coconut oil, are the lazy girls’ cleansing dream.

Unlike any of those cheaply-made pre-soaked makeup remover wipes, RMS Beauty’s eco-friendly folded cotton cloths are luxuriously soft. The rich coconut infusion; at once comfortingly balmy and exotically scented. Warmed between the palms and then worked over the face and neck, the oil melts into skin, lifting away even the most stubborn traces of eye makeup, sweeping aside colour and – thanks to the coconut oil’s unrivalled antibacterial properties -cleansing deeply. 

And even when your skin isn’t playing nice, do not fear, because these super-natural sachets are the ultimate quick-fire cleanser for both super dry and acne prone, irritated or reactive skins. 


RMS Coconut Face Wipes

Just be sure to massage the oil into the skin, and remove quickly but thoroughly, for a straight-to-bed beauty routine that we promise will pay dividends in the morning. 

You can forget the dull and dehydrated lack-of-sleep skin that comes as standard after a late night, and instead – without the chore of cleansing – skin will be supple, hydrated and surprisingly clear come morning – even if your head isn’t.