Game Changer | The Magic Potion

I first picked up a bottle of Sebastian Potion 9 as a teen, when, standing in front of the product wall at a salon post cut-and-blow-dry I resolved to buy anything that would make what I’d just paid a professional stylist £40 for to last. At the time, I didn’t quite know what to do with it, or understand that you can’t just put some delicious-smelling goo in your hair and – boom! – it’s styled. You’ve got to put some effort befopre you even pick up a bottle; and of course, this was long before piecey, bedhead hair was en vogue…

Fast-forward 10 years and with perfectly imperfect hair the only style I have interest in, I was eternally on the hunt for a product which would add shape, definition, shine, and softness to my hair without leaving it sticky or causing build-up. Impossible you might say, and with a shelf of barely-used, didn’t-quite-tick-the-box products gathering dust in my bathroom, I was beginning to think so too. Nevertheless, I still readily test any styling products that land on my desk in the hope that they might be The One. I’d completely forgotten about my short-lived Potion 9 days so when it arrived the name didn’t even ring a bell. The scent did though (sweet, fresh, lingering and quite unlike anything I’ve ever smelt before – you only have to read a handful of reviews to discover that some people buy it for the scent alone), and within seconds of applying I was transported back to teen days spent scrunching fistfuls of the stuff into wet hair. Now if anything, my job has taught me that you should never judge a product on first use, and I certainly wasn’t about to disregard this one on merit of my past inexperience. When it comes to hair products especially, their efficacy is wholly dependent upon a number of factors, from the shape and texture of your hair through to the products you used to wash it.

sebastian potion 9

I find that Potion 9 works best on dry hair; it tames frizz without flattening, when hair is straight it adds sleekness, and when hair is curly it restores shape. What’s more, it magically takes care of shine (perfect if your hair starts to look a bit dull in the days post-wash), and thanks to the high water content it boosts any pre-styled waves – a lifesaver if you struggle to maintain styles beyond day one. The best thing about it is that (unlike most styling products) it doesn’t build up in my hair and cause it to need washing sooner; in fact, if not for the scent, once applied you wouldn’t even know it was there. An almond-sized amount every morning smooths flyaways and add shine and definition – and by day five, you won’t even notice it weighing you down. Now that’s reason enough to put an end to my styling product experimentation period – and enough for me to be on my third consecutive bottle.

Sebastian Potion 9