Game Changer | The Second-Skin Fix

My skin and I do not have the greatest of relationships. Fact. 

With its tendency to be both combination dry and oily, it’s hard to tame at the best of times, let alone when an increasingly hectic social life compounds the issue by adding tiredness and dehydration into the fray.  The past 6 months have seen my weekends transform from quiet nights in on the regular, to a packed schedule of festivals, holidays, nights out and day trips. And whilst this is infinitely more fun than a Netflix binge, it’s an undeniable cause of my skin’s newly acquired grey tinge and less-than-baby-soft texture. 

Each and every morning, whilst trying in vain to buff in foundation smoothly without disrupting any dry patches, I am reminded of the very real need to invest more wisely in my skin. If only the solution was as simple as switching to a dewier foundation, or skipping the powder, but with my oil-prone T-Zone this would result in less of a radiant glow and more of an oil-slick disaster come lunchtime.

The One

And so, it was that my Beauty Editor saved my skin once again. Casually tossing a golden pouch onto my desk, she uttered the magic words “this will change your (skin) life”. 

The skincare saviour in question? StarSkin’s VIP Gold Revitalising Face Mask

How could I resist? I’ve never known her advice to fail me, and neither have I turned down a gleaming and glossy skincare package promising an almost instantaneous revitalised, nourished and hydrated face? This was most definitely worth of a dedicated night in. 

Setting aside a Friday evening, I carefully, virtuously and super-sonically cleansed each and every pore of my skin before tearing open the shining sachet to reveal a carefully folded, serum-soaked and slippery mask. 

Unlike the sheet masks of old, all paper-thin and quick to slip and slide off your face, Starskin’s BioCellulose mask clings, like a second-skin, adhering to each and every contour. Shaped to flawlessly fit my features, with cut-outs for eyes, nose and mouth, all that’s required is a little careful manoeuvring to get it into place, and that’s it. 

Starskin VIP Gold Mask

After gently smoothing the excess serum (there’s no stinginess with product here) down onto my neck, décolletage and over the back of my hands (waste not, want not), I simply sat back and allowed the blend of pure Colloidal Gold, collagen-boosting Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract and smoothing Evening Primrose Oil to get to work. 

20 minutes later, upon peeling away the sheet mask and lightly massaging the remaining fluid into skin I climbed under the sheets. 

Come morning, I wasn’t disappointed, waking to a brightened, plumped and glowing reflection. The breakouts I often fear when trialling new skincare had not surfaced, all visible dryness had been banished and for once, my makeup applied effortlessly over skin, blending to a flawless, photo-ready finish. The search to resolve my tempestuous dull-skin issues has reached its end. And forgive me for cutting this short, but I’m off to buy StarSkin masks, in bulk.

StarSkin VIP The Gold Revitalizing Luxury Bio Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask