Game Changer | The Lip & Cheek Palette

Whilst I tend to avoid the Valentine’s Day rhetoric at all costs (planned romance; the ultimate oxymoron?) date night, or date day, makeup is a very real thing. As is the pre-event anxiety that surrounds getting it right. 

Becuase the truth is, it’s not just what you wear that comes into question, but how you wear it – is a red lip too bold? A cats eye too obvious? A balmy, natural lip too subtle? 

And even if you nail the beauty look and application without too many mishaps, what happens when the date progresses? When things go well and you inevitably move from lunch date (read. subtle glowy skin, mascara and a soft natural lip) to early evening drinks, to dinner and dancing? 

Under normal day-to-night beauty circumstances that would entail eyeliner and shadow application, a rework of your base into something a little more substantial and a brighter, bolder lip. But time is of the essence, which is where Stila’s Convertible Color Lip and Cheek Palette will save your date face. 

Eliminating the need to tote a full face of makeup products to your date (high-maintenance is not a good look for a first date – nor a second, or even third), this slimline golden palette is a real contender for the ultimate changeable-date multipurpose palette.

Offering a beautifully curated selection of creamy shades, from a rose nude and buttery caramel to a hot pink and a deeper, darker berry tone, they are perfectly paired to build a fresh, pretty and dewy look by day, or a brighter, bolder and more vibrant hue by night. Simply press into lips and over cheeks, blending out with fingertips for a subtle and sheeny wash, or build up layer by layer for a stronger shade that won’t bleed, melt or crease away. 

Stila Convertible Colour Palette

And whilst we’re lovers of long-wearing matte lip colours, they’re notoriously tricky to nail. Requiring a little more patience, time and hand-steadiness than is typically associated with a date. And then there’s the lip plumping glosses. Great for enhancing but also a dead cert for gluing hair to the face at inopportune moments. But not Stila’s coveted Convertible Colour which is neither sticky nor drying, but creamy soft and balmy smooth. Colour glides on effortlessly and fades away so subtly there’s no worry about leftover 90’s-esque lip lines, just the subtle imprint of colour, reminiscent of a post first-kiss glow.

Now that’s what we call romance…