Game Changer | The Bespoke Skin Serums

If you think about it, narrowing the definitions of our skintypes down to just three categories is pretty problematic. My own fluctuates between dry and oily throughout the months, weeks, and even days, so it can be hard to find a serum that addresses all of these concerns. What’s more, I have multiple skin issues to deal with – and few serums target both scarring and inflammation in one go.

Our penchant for individuality has us emblazoning our initials on everything from notebooks to trainers and Burberry capes and now, with research showing that 75% of us are using the wrong beauty products for our skin type, the culture of customisation is taking hold of the beauty industry. Thanks to brand-of-the-moment Skin Inc, a new breed of bespoke, made-to-measure serums are about to change the skincare scene.

Skincare addicts should make a beeline to, where a short survey will identify your main skin concerns and prescribe you three serums tailored to your exact requirements. With nine different serums, each designated to a different skin concern, the combinations are endless.

Ceramide – Strenghtens and soothes skin

Coenzyme – Energises and renews tired skin

Chlorella – Brightens skin and tackles blemishes

Collagen – Promotes elasticity and suppleness

French Pine Bark – Provides anti-oxidant protection

Hyaluronic Acid – Improves water retention to deeply hydrates skin

Licorice – Calms irritation and inflammation 

Vitamin A – Evens skintone and brightens darkness

Vitamin C – Improves the appearance and condition of pores

Skin Inc

I was prescribed French Pine Bark, Ceramide, and Licorice – exactly the serums I would have chosen for my skin, which is typically stressed, easily irritated (leading to redness) and marked with acne scars. The survey correctly identified that my skin was weak, sensitive, and reactive to both internal and external changes.  I love a DIY project so the act of mixing the serums into the empty bottle was great fun – harking back to chemistry classes of yesteryear. What’s more, the fact that the brand leaves the mixing process down to you means that you can choose how much of a certain ingredient you want to use i.e. if your skin is particularly dry, then go hard on the hyaluronic acid.

The serums are water-based so absorb easily into skin, without leaving shine or residue – the tiny coloured capsules that are suspended within break down upon application to release the active ingredients. I was impressed upon first use – mainly due to the fact that (unlike most serums I use) there was no unpleasant stinging sensation with use. Instead, the cooling gel formula felt soothing and refreshing, and with prolonged use I’ve noticed a definite improvement in the overall condition of my skin.