Game Changer | The Brow Perfector

In these beauty conscious times, brows are everything. Since Cara Delevingne burst into the limelight proudly flaunting her bold, expressive arches to the world, brow enhancers have become the beauty product du jour. From powders to creams, waxes, and even faux fibres, the beauty industry is saturated with products promising to miraculously transform you into a youthful, fresh faced model as if the over-plucking trend of the 90s never happened.

Like the majority of my peer group, I’m constantly presented with picture perfect eyebrows – be it Instagram, within the pages of Vogue or even the troupe of high schoolers who take for granted the YouTube age of beauty tutorials helping them avoid the beauty mishaps of my youth.

And so, now I’ve mastered the skill, I couldn’t imagine leaving the house without a perfectly groomed and defined brow. If I had just 10 minutes to leave the house, I would be barefaced, save for a flawless pair perfectly framing my eyes. They have even become the first thing I notice upon meeting someone; an indication of my growing obsession.

The One

Therefore it should come as no surprise that nestled safely in the depths of my handbag is an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz: A perfectly formed, slim pencil which glides on offering a precise touch of colour to perfect my assets, define my face and boost my confidence.

The colour is the perfect complement to my dark brunette hair, a faultlessly cool-toned, deep espresso shade without the usual red warmth that can distort other products. The nib barely exceeds a millimetre across, allowing for razor sharp application that is at once flawless and effortless. Just seconds spent in a bar’s restroom mirror can restore any rain-smudged disaster back to glorious perfection, so I can return into the world, confidence restored.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz