Game Changer | The ‘Cool Girl’ Hair Pomade

I have long, straight hair that’s impossible to define. Even mousses and salt sprays drag it down and flatten both roots and ends without really inciting any shape or texture at all. Rather frustrating when the current vogue for tousled, effortlessly undone strands is so on trend. 

I never thought that I’d find the solution in a matte styling pomade, but The Ouai’s Matte Pomade is all about texture, and has been nothing but a bundle of pleasant surprises since I started to use it. Proving that pomade isn’t just for men and 50’s greasers, it seals split ends, shapes curls, adds definition, and even works for frizz control. It’s initially tacky, but smooth and silky enough that it immediately emulsifies into a smooth cream, and gives hair a light, clean scent.

Unlike most pomades, made for shorter, curlier hair, this works wonderfully in my long hair, leaving it mussed up and with a flexible, matte hold that looks so natural. The initial texture is deceptive – it feels heavy, but once you warm it in your palms, it becomes malleable and pliant. I run it through my lower lengths and use it to define the ends into tapered points. Once it’s in my hair, I’ve got perfect piecey texture without any crunch – it defines my layers with minimal effort required, leaving them touchable instead of stiff or tacky. Plus, I can use it to hide my split ends by rubbing it through my palms and then running them through the last couple of inches of your hair. To create loose waves, I work a dab through damp hair, braid it, then let it air-dry.

In fact, the best thing is that, far from being a one-stop wonder, this delivers on multiple counts – it’s up to you to choose how to use it. Results may vary (dependent on hair type and length), but essentially, it’s ‘cool girl’ hair guaranteed. Aside from the above, here are my three favourite ways to make magic with it… 

Fix Flyaways

Pomade is a little known antidote for frizz and flyaways in the length and ends of your hair. Warm a little between your palms, then run it through your hair after styling. Start at the back so you don’t weigh down face-framing pieces, which look best when light and buoyant.

Mess Up A Blowout

Imagine the smoothest sleekest blowout you can think of – this is the antidote to that. To get rid of preciousness after a blowdry, rub a little of this cushiony paste between your fingers then twist your hands through the ends of your hair to get rid of flyaways, puffiness, and hair that looks overdone. 

Smooth A Braid

Gather your hair and run a coin-sized amount of pomade through the lengths before you start plaiting. It will provide amazing hold and make the braid look sleeker and smoother.

The Ouai Matte Pomade