Game Changer | The Hair Glosser

Glossy, sleek and luminous, there’s little that compares to the way hair feels (and looks) immediately after a salon visit. With a whole hour of intense attention paid to trimming, styling, grooming and blow drying, every hair is put perfectly in place, lending a certain bounce and swish that leaves me feeling glamorous, confident and worthy of a hair care advert, more than compensating for all that time spent having to stare out my high definition reflection whilst I sit under stark lighting that shows up every fine line and flaw.

Much as I’d love to spend hours of my week preening and silkifying my hair to a perfectly coiffed finish, I just do not have the time (nor energy) to spare, save for those big occasions where hours may be set aside for beautifying without judgement. And so after that brief moment of crowning glory my hair returns to its natural state: slightly unmanageable, frizz prone and lacklustre. Far from offensive and yet far from salon-polished, too. Daily straightening and an every-other-day blast with the dryer inevitably leads to split ends, coarse lengths and hair that is most definitely without swish. 

The One

Enter Orofluido hair oil. An elegant, streamlined glass bottle adorned with swirling scripted embellishment. Within, a golden amber, silken elixir glows through, promising a metamorphosis for tired locks. The liquid exudes the most incredible, exotic scent evoking thoughts of a Moroccan paradise in one inhalation. Just a drop of the luxurious oil (a blend of Argan, Cyperus and Linseed oils) glides through the towel-dried lengths and tips of my hair smoothing away troublesome strands and lending a lustrous smooth texture. A quick blow dry with my Parlux 385 and the oil melts into hair strands, imparting nourishment and moisture, without any residue. Hair transforms to a gleaming, glossy mane, weightless and with swish restored – allowing for a little more time away from those stark salon lights.

Orofluido Hair Oil Review