Game Changer | The Lip Plumping Treatment

When it comes to lip care and cosmetics, I’ll admit, I do the bare minimum. A quick slather of lip salve each morning in my car, and maybe once or twice through the day during winter, and that’s probably about it. My lips are fairly thin, with fine lines running through them and a tendency to be dry – the combination of which means that whilst I LOVE buying lipsticks, I tend to shy away from wearing them often. The colour invariably settles in the lines, and it quickly looks crumbly and migrates towards the edges – in short, what I’m trying to say is that it looks a mess!

Once my makeup’s applied, I like to forget about it; trusting that it remains pretty much set in place until I want to take it off. But whilst I’ve mastered everlasting eyeshadow, lip colour is just another story all together. And even though Instagram leads me to believe that fillers would solve my troubles, creating a smooth, perfect canvas for colour, I’m not brave enough to take the plunge and have a Lana Del Rey-esque pout injected (much as I would love to). So when I spotted the Nugg Lip Mask I was too intrigued to pass it up.

nugg lip mask

Promising to hydrate skin and plump up lips with a concoction of nourishing ingredients such as Coconut Oil and Shea Butter (and costing less than most lipsticks), I couldn’t pass it up. The packaging is super pretty – a gleaming golden bauble that looks totally unobtrusive on my dresser, and the mask itself is thick, luxe and deliciously creamy in texture with a cooling mint flavour. I slather it onto my lips and leave it for 20 minutes whilst I have a quick scroll though my apps. It feels soothing and dries down to an almost paste-like texture. Once removed, lips are visibly softer, smoother and look better; and whilst lips aren’t quite Lana Del Rey, they are less lined and a little plumper. Enough for me to dig out my unloved lipsticks once more!

Nugg Intense Boosting Mask