Game Changer | The Liquid Liner With A Molten Twist

A black liquid liner is a makeup bag essential and a key player when it comes to defining eyes with feline flicks and bold lines. But, whilst I love a classic beauty reference, I also love putting a fun, modern twist on my makeup, and my favourite way to amp up my liner look is by switching out matte black for something with a little more sparkle…

In contrast to classic black, coloured liner pumps life into complexions, enhancing skin tone and eye colour, whereas silver and gold act like neutrals on the eye, easy to wear and match to any look. As of now (Christmas party season!), Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Liner is my favourite eyeliner on the planet. The texture is like liquid gold, perfectly fluid and with a satin finish that flashes on the lid at night and brightens eyes in the day. What’s more, liquid liner is the easiest liner to apply – it’s quick and effortless and can be done in seconds – granted, it’s an acquired skill, but like anything in life, practice makes it easier. If foolproof application and close-up selfie-worthy precision is your objective, then this is the liner for you. The nib is almost needle-thin, allowing you to deftly sculpt the perfect curve or angle in one fell swoop – and without losing pigment.

I start by tracing from the dead centre of my upper lashline and curving slightly upward towards the end of my eyebrow – this is the best way to create a custom shape to suit your individual eye shape. Then, underneath the slant, I fill in the ‘empty space’ and connect the end of the flick to the outer corner of my eye. Finally, to finish, I paint a razor-thin line from the inner corner to the centre.

Top tip: To balance the result, keep the rest of your makeup minimal, stick to neutral tones, emphasise radiant skin, and use diluted colour on the lips and cheeks.

Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Liner