Game Changer | The New Season Treatment

Winter is coming, which means my skin is due to start its annual rebellion. Combination oily, dry and generally annoying, it’s normally kept in check through the warmer months by my must-have daily moisturiser (Embyrolisse Lait Creme Concentre Nourishing Moisturiser, FYI). But as soon as the temperature drops, it’s all off-kilter. The cruel combination of central heating and icy winter air dry out my skin, causing both excess shine and flaky patches all at once. Not ideal, as you can imagine.

I’ve long craved the perennially flawless skin of my friends who, I’ve decided, must simply be naturally blessed, as there doesn’t seem to be any extra skin-effort involved there. And yet, I’m super fussy about my choice of moisturisers, night creams and skin treatments; if a product doesn’t sink in well, leaves a film, or I can sense it on my skin then it’s headed straight for the bin. And If I don’t feel an immediate effect or it requires a complex application process, I generally just won’t bother – you get the gist.

The One

Enter the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream – my seasonal skin saviour.

Despite its rich, whipped-cream consistency, it’s smooth and gentle and melts into the skin as readily as a normal moisturiser would – so there’s no need to work it in, press it on, or wait around for it to absorb. And, despite its ultra emollient prowess,  it doesn’t leave skin greasy at all, even working as a suitable base for makeup.

But, where the Ultra Repair Cream really comes into its own for me, is as an overnight moisturising treatment. At the first sign of any dry patches (after some gentle exfoliation), I slather it onto my skin in excess and leave it to soak in while I sleep. Without breaking me out, causing congestion or adding any extra irritation, my skin is back to normal (read smooth, soothed, refined and flake-free) the very next morning, with more stubborn patches clearing up within a couple of days. Hurrah!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Review