Game Changer | The Skin-Friendly Foundation

Perfect skin. It’s beauty’s holy grail; scrubbed-clean and clear, flawless and dewy, seemingly lit-from-within. It’s the sole preserve of the young, the hyper-healthy and those with great genes. So lauded, it incites beauty behemoths to airbrush their ads, bloggers to FaceTune their selfies and provokes us to try, almost, anything in its pursuit. We crave it, chase it, mimic it, and more often than not, we fake it.

But what if you simply don’t possess perfect, hyper-real mannequin skin? What if your skin is troubled; riddled with acne, rosacea or hyperpigmentation? What if it’s prone to flaring and easily inflamed, or simply traumatised and coping with sun-burn or the after-effects of a cosmetic procedures and is forcing you to lie low?

Well, the truth is, unless you’re naturally predisposed to almost-perfect skin, no matter what makeup you apply – or indeed how you apply it – when there’s trouble lurking beneath (be it congestion or angry acne cysts) colour cosmetics will always fall short. But when makeup and skincare collide? Now that ‘s the sweet spot.  And it doesn’t come much sweeter than the Oxygenetix Oxygenetating Foundation.


The One

Pay no attention to its’ functional form – when the product is this good you don’t need Instagrammable packaging – as this is souped-up, skin-friendly, must-be-tried-to-be-believed foundation at its best.

Infused with the brand’s signature supercharged oxygen-peptide infusion, Ceravitae, it actively encourages skin cell repair and creates a breathable, imperceptible second-skin layer that shields damaged skin, allowing it to heal without further irritation.

Although originally formulated to protect and camouflage post-surgery skin, you needn’t have endured skin-trauma to reap the cell-perfecting benefits, because the real kicker is the foundation’s malleable cover-all formula. As a base, its’ buildable, blemish-concealing prowess knows no bounds – covering all levels of redness, inflammation and uneven textures with a smooth, hyper-natural ease.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

It has just enough moisture to keep from cracking and caking, yet is supple enough to flex with your face without any slip or slide – and forget about reapplying, because this foundation is in it for as long as you are. ¬†Simply buff into cleansed and moisturised skin, layering to desired coverage level. This isn’t just perfected skin from a pump, it’s actively perfected skin for the long run.