Game Changer | The Ultimate Makeup Brushes

The true indication that a product is set to be game-changing is when it replaces my established favourites long after I’ve finished officially “testing” it for work-related purposes. A case in point, Lilly Lashes’ 9 Piece Pro Elite Oval Brush Set, which in the past few weeks has rendered my existing collection of makeup brushes and sponges completely redundant. My 40+ assortment of kabuki, buffing, stippling, and blending brushes has sat dormant, and I honestly can’t imagine returning to a life that doesn’t involve applying my makeup with a tool which essentially caresses my face whilst buffing it in. 

It goes without saying that the tools you use to apply your makeup are every bit as important as the makeup you’re using – you can use the most expensive, high-quality foundation or eyeshadow in the world, but if you’re using a badly made brush, you’re completely wasting your time. Ranking amongst the softest, smoothest, most luxurious brushes I’ve used, the unique oval design sets these apart from regular brushes. The super-soft bristles are packed densely together to create a smooth, firm, slightly curved surface, which works as brilliantly with liquid products as it does powder, perfectly distributing and blending product onto the skin for a flawless finish – and without leaving streak marks or absorbing any product.

My favourite of the brushes is Oval 9, which applies foundation with the result of a ‘second skin’ effect – even to hard-to-reach areas. There’s also a smaller version (Oval 7), which performs fantastically when blending together blusher and bronzer, and for precision application of concealer, Linear 4, which allows me to disguise imperfections without needing to touch my face. 

lily lashes 9 piece brush set

What’s more, when it comes to cleaning these brushes – the bane of every makeup-lover’s life – just a little warm water with brush cleaner or baby shampoo easily dissolves any residue. The compact formation of the bristles also means that they dry easily, don’t shed, and don’t need reshaping. Now can you see why my regular brushes are gathering dust?