Game Changer | The Ultimate Uplifter

My skin and I have a fractious relationship. We switch from being BFFs (best friends forever, FYI) to arch enemies, often overnight.

When I’m kind to it – eating clean, meticulously cleansing, guzzling water – it positively glows. But when I’m not quite so kind – minimal sleep, excess alcohol or rich food (or more realistically over party season, all three) – it rebels. And yet, unlike my real friends, my skin makes no allowances. It won’t listen to any excuses.  It sulks; turning dull, grey, distressed.  It sags, it wanes, its lines run deeper, blemishes erupt.  It delivers a fateful kick when I’m at my lowest. Shouting to the world of my vices, no matter how infrequently they occur or how saintly I am at all other times.

And so I seek solace in skincare. Exfoliators to buff away the sad partied-out cells, serums to knock out the gloom and moisturisers to relinquish some goodness. But sadly, even the most potent skincare is never as instantly impactful as I need it to be. Which is, undoubtedly, where my current beauty obsession with masks comes in. A strangely calming and embalming treat that somehow manages to soothe both my soul and my strung-out skin in one failsafe swoop – they’re the ultimate rescue remedy.

But not just any old mask will do. Particularly at this time of year. Oh no. The mask I need has to go above and beyond. It needs to smooth and tighten, brighten and revive. It has to envelop my face with a delightfully tingling sensation and find that perfect, yet elusive, balance between soothing and actually treating the skin. And it can be found in one of Roloxin’s Instant Skin Smoothing Masque sachets.

Roloxin Instant Smoothing Mask

As if to reaffirm its potency, the sachet’s contents require ‘activation’; that is, 20 seconds of vigorous squelching before the white liquid paste can be smoothed, albeit thinly, over your face (you can even apply around the eyes).  A matrix of silica molecules quickly get to work, shrink-wrapping your skin as the mask dries down to a sandy, mattified powder. Once rinsed, the result is nothing short of transformative. Taut, smoothed, refreshed and revived. My skin has been suitably placated – and our friendship, back to its amicable best.