Game Changer | The No Needle Needed Laser

There’s no doubt that the current face-filler phenomenon (led by Kylie Jenner and those lips) is a beauty force to be reckoned with. Seemingly as commonplace in a modern-day beauty arsenal as foundation and eyeliner, the use of injectables to plump up lips, smooth skin and eradicate any obvious signs of ageing has all become very, well, normal.

And yet, despite perhaps being a more obvious candidate than most (given that I’m the wrong side of 30) for such facial tomfoolery, I’m just not quite ready for such measures (whether  considered extreme or otherwise). Preferring instead to target any obvious and unwanted skin concerns with clever skincare, the trusty hands of facialists and advanced beauty gadgets. 

Which is why I’ve started dedicating a very-easy-to-find 2 minutes a day to this teeny tiny tool. . . the Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Laser.

The One

Yes it may be small, but from my 6-weeks’ worth of usage, I can confirm that it is also mighty. 

Delivering a, very precise, skin penetrating beam of light directly onto the delicate skin around your eye, the at-home laser technology works by creating just enough microscopic damage (nothing to worry about here, it’s safe, I promise) that the skin’s natural healing mechanisms are jolted into action. In turn, the newly-formed skin-boosting collagen and elastin begin to repair that damage; plumping out skin, smoothing out fine lines and eradicating wrinkles as it does so. 

tria ade defying eye wrinkle correcting laser

Whilst it’s not totally pain-free, neither is it pain-full. And I can vouch that, unlike a bikini wax, the results are every bit worthy of the very short-lived, frisson of discomfort (imagine a fizzling, light electric current) and the occasional redness that occurs straight after use. And yes, the crepey skin around my eyes has all but smoothed out, the fine lines that seem to deepen when I’m tired, run down or dehydrated have disappeared for good. Oh and I can avoid the needle until this fashion for fillers plays out – phew!

Tria Beauty Age Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser