Game Changer | The Triple-Action Tanner

I’m a sucker for a luxe body oil. Of all the cream-of-the-beauty-crop products I have at my beauty director disposal, it’s my one daily indulgence (if you’d be so kind as to overlook the yoga sesh and soya latte) and something of an addiction. Playing a crucial part in attempts to keep my post-30 year old body smooth, supple and young-looking, I smother my straight-from-the-shower skin in whichever slippery, golden unguent is closest to hand. Every morning. Without fail. Time-consuming it may be, but I can’t/won’t give it up because honestly, it works. 


The One

But then summer comes around, and my daily oil-rub routine is replaced  by a full-body application of SPF instead (I’ll always choose protection over perfection – and there’s no time for both). So, needless to say, when Vita Liberata’s Marula Dry Oil Self Tan with SPF50 dropped on my desk pre-holiday, it found its way into my luggage quicker than you could say “multi purpose”.

A glistening golden liquid tan in a sleek glass bottle, this is the brand’s forte – believable tan tones in ultra luxe formulas.

As a gradual tanner it’s a total dream; offering both seamless application and a glossy golden glow. For those more accustomed to the standard cream, mousse or liquid formulas, please don’t be daunted by the dry-oil texture (or its ability to imbue skin with a true tan tone) – this is more light serum than slinky oil. Seeping into skin effortlessly and instantly, it leaves behind a deep, dark – yet totally translucent – trace colour ensuring you don’t miss any patches, nor have to wait for that sunkissed shade to develop. But when the tan does develop, that’s when the real magic happens. Limbs are left with a true, olive-toned hue that is both buildable and long-lasting.

vita liberata marula

Add to the mix all the nourishing properties of Marula Oil (a potent blend of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and omegas) together with a high SPF and you’ve got the ultimate summer skin booster in a bottle. A game-changer, no matter how old you are!

Vita Liberata’s Marula Dry Oil Self Tan with SPF50

(Mitt not included)